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    Thanks! I hope so!


    Trust me, you will, just be willing to wait a bit, but do certainly take something to get signed, like a program, or something, you may never get another chance. Let us all know if you have luck on Saturday!



    Oh I am bringing something just in case. I am rummaging through my U2 stuff. I don't think I'll bring any vinyl since I don't want to ruin any of it in the transport process - I'm flying into LA. I do think I'll bring a couple of photos I found in my Joshua Tree box set which look great and signable and I can frame it afterward... Easy to transport too


    I'll most definitely update here afterward... I'll be tweeting/Instagraming too.


    CDs are always quite portable and they have some lovely CD frames at arts and crafts stores.  And you can always buy another copy to listen to.

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    Some of those comments on Steven's "Periscope" feed are brutal. It was one song that a fan got to go up on stage and sing, even if he wasn't that great, he still has a memory to last a lifetime and beyond and these people commenting on there act as if they are personally inconvenienced. Glad to see those people number in the minority amongst U2 fans.


    I suppose it has a root on the "it should have been ME!!!" thought...

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    Sounds like most of the comments are from people not there, one guy there was complaining because he paid $275 to hear some clown, meaning Joe. Wow, I guess there is no pleasing everyone, I am quite grateful that the only U2 fans I have ever met are good happy people.


    I think the bigger question there would be why did he pay $275 to post on periscope? 

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