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  1. 6 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    Oh-has anyone seen the trailer for the movie, Yesterday?  It looks like it might be brilliant.  It has a fascinating premise.  I don't know where else to post this.  Does it pique anyone else with interest?  Who gets the idea of there being no Beatles?    I think it has a lot potential promise with a very good message.   

    Can’t wait to see it! It looks like it’s going to be really good. 

    To stay on topic, getting a new book to read. Hope to start it this evening. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Monkstown1 said:

    Downloaded the four tracks and I can play them on Quick Player. I saved them to iTunes and they're there but it won't allow me to play them. Anything I'm missing?

    Worked fine when I transferred mine. Maybe make sure iTunes is up to date and try again. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, Sam B said:

    So I renewed my membership before the the announcement of the gift. My membership expires in may 2020 but it wont give me a link to download the subscriber songs and its asking me to renew my membership. 

    what gives? can i get the 2019 gift?


    You need to contact customer service via the help page and explain your situation. https://www.u2.com/help

  4. 4 hours ago, halcyondays93 said:

    My account expires on April 27, 2019.  When I last signed up it was to get the live Songs of Innocence and Experience package.  I feel like I should renew soon but there is no new gift announced.  What should I do?

    If your subscription expires this month, the last subscriber gift would have been U2 3D, as the Live Songs were not announced until November 2018. If you wish to receive the Live package, you would need to renew again now. 

  5. 7 hours ago, ddarroch said:

    Sure. I'll post it here.

    No disrespect to u2.com & Zootopia, but at this stage the best places to hear news of tour rumours are U2songs & u2start.



    @ddarroch, that’s why we have a folder call “U2 ‘Net News and Rumours”. You will see speculations around that may or may not be accurate and it’s fine for the fans to post those. But as for U2.com and the Zootopia moderators, we will only post information that is official.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Vertigo3333 said:

    Two have contacted me on Instagram. _u2.bono and paul_david_hewson_u2. The later even showed me a fake ID. When reporting, do I report them as spam? The only options I see are “spam” or “inappropriate”, 

    Report as “inappropriate” and that will take you through a few comments, which will include “this person in impersonating someone”. 

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  7. 15 hours ago, clemmie_mandarin said:

    Do you mean to say that Bono, Edge and Adam didn't actually message me on Insta to thank me for my nice words and support? That's so sad... or actually, more than sad, it's heartbreaking! 😉

    I was approached by three fake accounts but all they had to offer were nice words! Happy to let you know who they were in a personal message if you'd like, but don't think they have any harm in them.



    13 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

    You decide if you think it's worth to send the information...
    about harm/no harm... from conversations with fans who have interacted with these accounts we have found that the nice words come first... the requests for money comes a bit later...

    but as previously mentioned... your choice.

    Exactly what Max said. They start with the kind words to see who is vulnerable/can be manipulated  enough to hope it is actually them. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, saba said:

    Any idea when the U2 i+e live LP and CDs will be sent out. I know they said Spring 2019 but we're nearly there.  Anyway got any news?

    No news yet. Keep checking back. When there is an announcement or any info, it will be posted here. 

  9. 4 hours ago, Kristaps said:

    Important note about Twitter - as far as I understand, everyone can get the "verified" checkbox. You have to be extra careful there. 

    Actually, their verification program is currently on hold and no new applications are being accepted right now. Best to be extra careful everywhere and remember that official accounts are those listed in the first post. 

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  10. A note from the moderators:

    It has been brought to our attention on several occasions, people trying to impersonate one of the band members or someone associated with the band. Please be aware of a few things:

    -The only official social media pages for the band are the ones with the authenticity checkmark like this:


    main social media:






    -No member of the band currently has personal social media accounts. All communication comes from the official pages listed above. 

    -Any account that claims to be a band member and says “personal account of [Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam or any variation of their name]” most definitely is NOT a member of the band. 

    -At no time will any member of the band, the band’s management, the moderators, or anyone associated with the band ever contact you via private message asking for passwords, personal information, or money for (but not limited to) things such as meet and greets. 


    In the event you should come across someone impersonating the band or someone associated with the band:

    -First and foremost, report that account to whichever social media platform you have seen it on. This is the biggest part of getting the impersonation stopped. 

    -Please add the information in this thread to make others aware and to use caution. 

    -If you don’t feel comfortable adding information here, send a private message to myself, Max and Bigwave so we can have a look at it. As Zootopia is our primary residence, sometimes you guys are our eyes and ears on the social media platforms. 


    Thanks to all Zootopians and take care.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Shannon387 said:

    I lost my mom and my brother & gained invaluable knowledge about who all truly cares about me & who I had to walk away from.

    Yep, the reaper needs a vacation. ....and so do I. 


    So sorry for your loss. 

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  12. 14 minutes ago, doctornickriviera said:

    Oh I heard he had a stroke. Never a fan of 90210 but most of the girls in my school were- especially this fine looking chap.

    52 far too young 

    52 for him. 49 for Keith. Too young, indeed. And a reminder to live life to the fullest. 

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  13. 39 minutes ago, andrew_mcmenemy said:

    renewed in October 2018....I think that is before the announcement...but this is what I got below....

    1 U2com14 2019 Gift: U2 3-D Dance Remixes 12" vinyl (U2CF6409)
    1 U2com13 Standard Renewal Membership 1YR: 2018 Gift (U2CFSR18)
    1 U2com13 Standard Renewal Membership: 2018 Gift (U2CBSR18)


    You definitely need to contact customer service via the help page: https://www.u2.com/help. Explain that you renewed before the announcement. Have order number and the above information ready. 

  14. 1 hour ago, andrew_mcmenemy said:

    Im bemused by this membership thing...


    I renewed in November 2018, and am active till Nov 2019

    Will I get the CD as a gift, and why did I get 2 copies on the dance mix vinyl?


    thanks if someone can explain


    Did you renew before or after the cd gift was announced? If before, you need to contact customer service and explain your situation. 

  15. 3 hours ago, nocalimero said:

    Just a short question to those who already renewed their subscription: 


    Is it normal that once you choose the subsription gift you want (2CD for me) and after you confirmed your Acoount details, you get a redirection to the Live Nation webshop?

    In this webshop I cannot choose a article that renewes my subsription. 


    I am confused and already mailed the Helpdesk, but I wanted to ask here if this is "normal"? 




    1 hour ago, cano.tornero said:

    I can’t renew my suscription... 😥


    Once I confirm my shipping address is current and updated it takes me to livenation shop and i cant make the purchase... please help...





    Can you please try signing out and back in, possibly clear cookies/cache and/or try a different browser. I was just able to get to the correct pages on Safari. 

    Also, try going through the link on your account page, if you aren’t doing that. 

  16. 51 minutes ago, Lellla76 said:

    After dozens of emails with the customer service I'm still here waiting for an answer on how to use the discount code. I'm afraid I will not be able to solve anything, so I thought I'd ask for a refund. What do you think? Will I manage to get it or will I have to resign myself to losing $ 50?

    Have they responded to you at all? Sending you a pm. 

  17. 2 minutes ago, salbono said:

    Hi, I just renewed my subscription. I picked the CD, got my discount code and confirmation emails, however, my U2.com profile says my subscription is active until January 31, 2019, which was the expiration date after I renewed last year. Will this update or will it take a few days? Or does the expiration date come after the older one expires? I don't remember this issue in the past and have been a longtime subscriber.

    Try logging out and back in. It should correct itself then. 

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