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  1. Amsterdam 29/07 2 tickets wanted

    Hi Henrik, Thanks for your kind reply, I just have had the info that I found both tickets I needed, so I post it here to make sure other fans can take advantage of yours. Thanks again and see u in Amsterdam!
  2. Hello everyone, we're looking for 2 tickets, possibly GA, for the 29/07 Amsterdam venue. Only hard tickets please. Can u help us? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I know lot of time has passed, but I'd like to ask if anyone of you has camera recording of the second date in Boston (10th July 2015), it would be fantastic because i search something that i haven't found (ps: i found on YouTube a person who made some videos, but the part i'm interested on is not well recorded). Thanks in advance Laura
  4. London 30th ticket wanted

    Hi everyone, just bought the tickets from AXS, Thanks to everyone!
  5. Both thanks.
  6. Hi, we need a hotel near Victoria station 'cause the next morning I have an early flight and if I'm right there is no travelodge near Victoria. In case you can split please consider me as the first to have answered you and pm me.
  7. Hi, which 'class' are the tickets? 90 £? Do you sell them separately or only with the hotel? Can you write me in pm?
  8. London 30th ticket wanted

    Hi everyone, just fell in love with the shows so I changed my mind, need 3 tickets for the 30 th (it would be fine also 2+1, not necessary to be all together). Same request: paper tickets, no more than 90 pounds per ticket, no restricted view. Can anybody help me?
  9. Wanted:1 ticket 29.10 & 1 ticket 30.10

    Hi guys, as promised here i am. Luckily I have tickets for Dublin so must pass London. Thank you anyway, and enjoy great shows wherever you are! Thanks again!
  10. @Justone: same happened to me.. 5 hours trying with unused codes and no results. . And all my friends did the same.. Never went through the captcha codes.. i know there were some possibilities for Belfast and the 24th gig, but with my job I couldn't go, could try only 27-28.. so sad.. and some scalpers sites want 464€ for a restricted view ticket now for the same dates! That makes me really really angry..
  11. Wanted:1 ticket 29.10 & 1 ticket 30.10

    Hi and thanks to both of you, your offers are both very good and can't decide between the two. I will keep in touch ASAP, now that Dublin dates are out just want to take my chances but after Monday i will contact you. THANKS!
  12. Wanted:1 ticket 29.10 & 1 ticket 30.10

    Hi, I'm looking for one ticket for the 29.10 (London 3) and one for the 30.10 (London 4), only paper tickets, max 90 £, no restricted view. Thanks!
  13. Looking for 2 tkts Berlin 28&29

    Thanks in any case!
  14. Looking for 2 tkts Berlin 28&29

    Hi Lena i will write to you in PM thanks!