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  1. I think all he is saying is give us a choice, just as when they release these in the stores. A lot of time you have the option to buy dvd or blue ray versions. So some of us that have a blue ray with a 4K TV can pay a little more for better quality. That way someone with your situation can choice the dvd option. I would agree to having a digital option available for both choices.
  2. And now..... with the news of a gift... DVD of the I&E show....everyone happy or are we all going to say what about Blu Ray?
  3. They did do this a few years ago, would be a easy solution as I'm sure a lot of us that had our membership pushed until the end of January a few years ago are all coming to an end.... would rather pay $40 then $50.
  4. Make sure you renew uour subscription before it expires, let customer service know you are paying for next years membership.
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