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  1. Hi all, Tickets are sold.
  2. Thank you sir, very kind.
  3. HelloSelling face value GA tickets for Rome 16th of July. This is what I paid. 2 ticket(s) × € 70.00Intero Presale JTB, PratoIngres. Prato, Prato,Prato2 Presale fee × € 10.50Ticket Insurance: € 9.00-----------------------------------------Tickets total: € 170.00=========================================Total amount service fees: € 9.82So total would be 180 Euro, delivery to you not included. I got these and then my wife told me we're expecting a child and she doesn't want to travel worrying about that.Also realized I need to be at a friends wedding in the same day... so this one really isn't for me.Been a fan for a long time but not gonna make this series of concerts.Happy to share with fellow fans