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  1. Wild horses is a top moment in this setlist. Larry is so strong and intense...
  2. My first time in front of Bono's house gave me the opportunity to make this picture last Sunday morning. His smile was one of the most surprising moments in my life as U2 fan. Guggi's car doesn't look like the Maserati we were expecting to see but it has been a fantastic moment.
  3. I'm not the one writing in this forum frequently but i have to admit that for a brave setlist like this one the missing track is Streets. I'm sorry guys but I disagree that they didn't play Streets because of the TJT tour, this song is their symbol, it is a pillar of each show, it cannot be skipped, especially if you keep other songs like vertigo, Elevation and you include a useless song like All because of you. I really like to think that the show will evolve and streets will be back there in its place, the moment of the show where the youngest and oldest fan meet together surrounded by the red lights everywhere. Streets MUST be always there. Many people paid very expensive tickets for those 5 minutes. Please put it back Streets and make our dreams coming true again.
  4. Hello, I'm working at CERN and and I would like to understand if the time-lapses taken by Jeff Frost here at CERN will be back in the show. If I remember well there was a video about Jeff and his contribution to the show that was supposed to be published on U2.com. Thanks for your help.
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