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  1. Any update moderators ? Also, what is the procedure, if my subscription lapses without this issue has not been resolved
  2. My membershio expires on December 5th 2018, and i have been receiving resunscriotion messages. I received U2 3 D Dance vinyl a while back as part of the 2018 membership package.. The Problem: When i go to renew, i only have options to: 1)select the Joshia Tree Singles Vinyl set, or, 2) selectthe U2 3 Dances vinyl, or 3) both.of the above As i already have these, all i want to do, is resubscribe and get the 2019 gift, which i know is not announced yet.
  3. Lets hope there is Dublin gigs, as a shadow has been cast over that from this thread, which explains that all our presale codes have been removed, and the only reason given at this point is that there are "no more presales in the near future", very worrying indeed, and I held my code specially for this. http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/30528-renewed-sub-pre-sale-access-code-disappeared-merged/
  4. My Unused Presale code has been removed from my u2.com Account page. Can someone explain how my code which has not been used as I was saving it for Dublin, can dissappear. I have check with other friends around the world, and all of their codes have also been removed. Some have used them, but others have not.
  5. 1985, August 25th, Cork, Ireland. A free gig was happening near Cork city in a place called the "Lee Fields",(by the river Lee) where some local acts were playing, it was my very first gig, I was 16 years old. It was not far from where I lived, so I headed down there with some friends. The event was called "Lark By The Lee" The stage was the back of a long truck, and maybe 2 to 3 thousand people standing in a field watching it. Towards the end of the schedule, an announcement was made, that a very special surprise was happening shortly, and to wait. Next onstage was Dave Fanning, who introduced the band, holly shit, the crowd went mental, everyone was jumping. Some people could not take the excitement and fainted. It was unreal, but fantastically exciting. They came onstage and gave around an hour long set, absolutely mindblowing. I'll never forget that first U2 gig I attended. Live Aid only happened a few weeks before that. I met U2 sound engineer Joe O'Herlihy years later,(around 2003) and showed him the picture below, and he autographed it for me, he was doing the sound on the day for the whole gig. I have seen U2 on every tour since that day forward. Of the 20 U2 gigs I have attended all around Ireland, Europe and the U.S., that first one in my hometown of Cork, back in 1985 is always going to be that bit extra special.
  6. Just a little more details on why Dublin people were complaining. Last Sunday - there was a national train strike, all trains were out of action, there was also a major sporting match on in Croke Park, it holds around 80,000 people. those two factors combined, make closing one of the major city bridges , a bit of a big deal for traffic. The freedom of the city, is a purely symbolic, but prestigous award, but it doesen't give anyone the right to do things like close major city centre bridges ! But Dublin city managers have been co-operating with all major film shoots in the city, to help promote them and anyone can apply for the necessary licence to do so. If it does turn out to be U2, there has been amazing secrecy in Dublin city Council, as the Lord Major of Dublin tried to cross the bridge but was stopped, even he, was unaware of whu the brdge was closed. It's amazin there was not a "leak" about who the film shoot was for
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