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  1. This is such a bummer to hear...but I'm glad I heard it before I got there. Thanks for letting me know. When should I venture out? Like 6 in? I think I'm just going to use RZ as a home base and an easy way to get beer (if they have concessions in there).
  2. I moved around the arena to where the band was and generally dug RZ last time through -- is there a new strategy for this tour? I read they are doing more in the middle -- is that true? Also, I've kept myself relatively pure beyond setlist -- can anyone tell me when to move and on what songs so I get the jump on folks? Any help is very appreciated...
  3. Did you get them right at 9AM? I spent a minute trying to figure out the pulldown and they were gone by the time I realized they were in VIP packages....
  4. I'm still trying for LA Red Zone. Floor opened up 3 hours after they were sold out so maybe there's hope.
  5. Red Zone LA a total nightmare. And now floor are gone, too. This is the first pre-sale that's ever truly screwed me in U2-land. Thanks Guy!
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