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  1. I have 4 GA for night 1 in Chicago, looking to exchange for night2! I would be willing to exchange in pairs if needed. Thank you so much!
  2. kwollet

    Chicago facebook Group

    I'd love to join but can't get the link to work!
  3. I have 4 GA for Chicago night 1... looking for 4 GA Chicago night 2
  4. I don't know if this is the right place, but I have 4 GA tickets for night 1 in Chicago and need to exchange them for night 2 if anyone has any tickets :/ anything would help! Thank you all
  5. kwollet

    ANY ticket for 7/30 -- GA 7/31

    Hi there!! I know everyone is looking, but if someone has one ticket... literally any seat for 7/30 that would be amazing!! I would love love love to get 2 GAs for 7/31 so my sister and I can sneak out there for one last show! We are both younger fans and have a lot of catching up to do with the longtime fans Thank you so much in advance!! You all are the best! xx Katelyn no emails or phone numbers please use PM feature - mods
  6. kwollet

    TicketMaster Problems (MERGED)

    Bigwave, you are too good to me haha. I hope it works tomorrow then (is that right?)!! Sorry I read it wrong... just too excited.
  7. kwollet

    TicketMaster Problems (MERGED)

    now my code is not working!!
  8. kwollet


    I have been waiting for ticket master to 'work' now for an hour now and am afraid it won't work.... Trying to get GA for Chicago June 24
  9. More U2 Easter Eggs...
  10. More U2 Easter Eggs...
  11. More U2 Easter Eggs...
  12. kwollet

    Zooropa Egg

    More U2 Easter Eggs...
  13. kwollet

    Zooropa Egg

    More U2 Easter Eggs...
  14. kwollet

    Zooropa Egg

    More U2 Easter Eggs...
  15. More of the U2 Easter Eggs...