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  1. AlanScotland1

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Any nws on an announcement. Comms are a bit slow especially for people travelling. Even just a holding response to say when an announcement for coming dates will be made.
  2. AlanScotland1

    Change the Set List

    The point is the opposite, people have bought tickets to more than one show because they do play some different songs. Like they have done on every tour since Zoo TV tour.
  3. AlanScotland1


    For anyone heading to Dublin from outside Ireland. Ryanair have their winter schedule on sale now. Just bagged a flight for 45 pounds return from Edi.
  4. AlanScotland1

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    But they did play those countries during the same tour. Just checked u2gigs. Scotland is the 7th most played country in Europe. And all six countries above them are getting shows each tour. Although in a way I'm hoping they don't announce now as I'm sure like a lot of Scots , I've made other arrangements now and am going to other shows across Europe Some people might not be so lucky.
  5. AlanScotland1

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    I realise they can't play everywhere but I just feel there are certain European countries that should always be on every major tour whether by fanbase, history, tradition etc... Ireland, England, France, Italy, Belgium/Holland, Spain and Germany. Scotland was a core country, going back to the early 80s, until the last two tours I think there is a case for Scotland being a bit more disappointed than most.
  6. AlanScotland1

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    That may be true generally. But Glasgow 2 in 2015 was a very special night. Regarded by many as one of , if not the best show of the European leg of i+e. And the simple reason was a raucous Scottish crowd.
  7. AlanScotland1

    2nd night rumours

    So glad it is 21st. I had booked a hotel for that night. Just have to get tix now.
  8. AlanScotland1

    European Shows Selling Out…

    Sold out pah. Don't believe it. Those dates will have tickets released later in the year. Its amazing how they manipulate demand. Only one night added for London. We all know they will play four!
  9. AlanScotland1

    2nd night rumours

    One thing is sure there will surely be a 2nd date. If it is Sep19 why would they not put the onsale first. I don't remember I2 evere adding an extra show before the date of the first show.?
  10. AlanScotland1

    2nd night rumours

    Anyone heard any 2nd night rumours? Sep 21 being mentioned but there is a show at the venue on 22nd. Not sure if that matters....
  11. AlanScotland1

    Pre sale london O2

    I just went to buy a sim the date of presale from o2 website is wed 24 jan not tomorrow.
  12. AlanScotland1

    Venue map with prices

    Does anyone have a Madrid seat map with prices. Curious to see how much seating is costing for good seats.
  13. AlanScotland1

    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

    I have my CD code too. But certainly don't expect to get any GA in that presale. I'm sure all that will be available will be expensive seats.
  14. AlanScotland1

    Euro dates news, is it delayed due to Fan Verification ?

    I heard that too. And when I checked Sse hydro events page it kinda confirmed it as Kevin Bridges has booked out virtually everday in October . Apparently UK dates are in October so not much U2 could do about that.......
  15. AlanScotland1

    Experience tour 2018 European dates

    Presales starting this Wed. Announcement this Tues. See for the rumours......