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  1. was through at 10.04. none for me too. they'll add more dates so will hopefully have a better chance then for london ga
  2. damn. no ga tickets for me. sold out already!
  3. great thanks max. will i get a pm or will it be pinned somewhere. lots of pages to go through here!
  4. thanks max. so the presale is exactly the same if you are a paid subscriber or if you pre-order the album? no advantage gained by being a paid subscriber now?
  5. sorry if this has been covered before... if i am a paid subscriber when ticket pre-sales open in the uk, will i still get access to ticket pre-sales in the uk? or is the only way to get access to uk ticket pre-sales now by pre-ordering the new album?
  6. 'The GA line for Twickenham is across the road from Gate F. Check-In tonight at 7pm & tomorrow morning between 7 & 8am.' is this nonsense? how can there only be one ga queue when ga tickets have gate c or gate d etc?
  7. is it a 4 ticket limit per show? or overall for each cardholder? i have 2 tickets for the 8th but want 3 for the 9th too
  8. Strange how U2.com says the Wires presale is on Thursday, but Ticketmaster has it listed for Wednesday. I wonder which is correct. would like to find out too and plan my wednesday or thursday
  9. on the news page... 'Due to overwhelming demand for tickets following this morning's public onsale, four additional shows have been added to finalise the European leg of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 this summer. These second shows will be at Twickenham, London on July 9th, the Olympic Stadium in Rome on July 16th, the Stade de France in Paris on July 26th and the Amsterdam Arena on July 30th.'
  10. given the 3 gig limit at croke, is there not a single other statium/place in ireland that u2 could have pitched up instead for more than 1 night?
  11. got that email too. the detail of that email is as follows i think they have made an error. i've never gone in the main entrance as advised above and 'turn left down The Avenue and aim for the standing entrance' as far as i am aware, it is always go in the main entrance and turn right and walk past the restaurants to get to the standing entrance. unless they have special arrangements in place for us? here is the map http://www.theo2.co.uk/visit-us/maps
  12. Well, the entrance for standing at The O2 is entrance F, which is northside. Not sure whether they'll be letting standing people in through A and B, which are southside. is edge northside?
  13. okay thanks. will just have to wait and see how it all pans out on the day i think rather than second guess what might happen. got another shot on 29th if it all goes tits on the 25th
  14. ok london is not long now so how does the entrance to the north and south sides work? is there 1 main entrance for both outside and then just a run for the side of your choice once inside? or do they split you up outside before entering the arena? do they close off the sides once full?
  15. Stuart P

    GA line

    once you've established your place in the queue and got familiar with those around you, will easily be able to go off and get food etc and rejoin again exactly where you were. i did it in berlin 09 on my own from 6am
  16. Stuart P

    GA line

    there are the main doors that get you into the dome and then once in the dome there is quite a walk to the ga entrance doors. what time do the actual main doors open? i guess there will be some sort of queueing system in place outside the dome itself until the main doors open. the walk from the main doors to the ga entrance doors is quite a walk. keeping your place from main doors to ga doors might be tricky
  17. and this guy came up with something too http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/29121-this-is-mildly-interesting-extra-shows/?p=934655
  18. during the morning of the o2 pre-sale, axs had this put up at the top of the page an hour or so in to the pre-sale, the 2-3 Nov bit got removed. make of that what you will
  19. seems that way. gotta say i'm surprised. shows as all 4 dates completely sold out on the tours page. perhaps they are just finalising details and annoucing something later this week.
  20. Stuart P

    Sold out London?

    there are rumours of 2 extra dates at the o2 on the 2 + 3 nov. not sure how or when they will be added up for sale though
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