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  1. alex2

    Mobile GA ticket Transfers, anyone?

    You can send a ticket off the mobile app but the person receiving has to receive off a laptop/desktop. It doesn't work trying to receive a ticket with the app
  2. alex2

    Mobile GA ticket Transfers, anyone?

    When you enter the email address and the tickets have been received then the buyer gets a new barcode generated and the sellers tickets become null and void and won't scan at the venue
  3. alex2

    VIP July 23rd - Opening Band?

    There is no support band just u2
  4. Hi what row number please
  5. alex2

    1 GA ticket available 22 July

    Just sent you a pm
  6. alex2

    Trade: 2 GA for 7/18

    I've just pm you I have seats to trade
  7. alex2

    GA ticket trade without issues?

    Good luck with ticketmaster, customer service is not good if I'm totally honest
  8. alex2

    Have 7/22 & 7/23 GA - requesting Trade for Seats

    Are u still trying to find a swap for ur Ga tickets?
  9. alex2

    GA for 7/18 or 7/22

    Looking for 2 GA tickets to either off these gigs if possible. I have no preference to which night if anyone has 2 spare they are willing to sell would be most greatly appreciated.
  10. alex2

    For sale: 2 GA - NYC Saturday 18th

    I've just pm my email address
  11. alex2

    For sale: 2 GA - NYC Saturday 18th

    I'll have them
  12. Long shot I know but if anyone has 2 GA standing tickets for either off these nights I would happily buy them Thanks
  13. Hi what's the face value, very interested in the tickets