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  1. I never post here because U2's website is one indication of their lack of relevance, but I feel desperate to get their attention. If you think it is bad here, you should see the firestorm over at atu2.com over this news. The band has lost faith with a lot of their fans recently...it is time for the band to say something, and none of this vague shit about waiting for God to come in the room or that they have 6 songs done. What is the hold up. And Guy Oseary, I thought you were doing a good job until this....get ahead of this and say something.
  2. I have no idea how to get word to U2 or Guy Oseary their new manager, but this is beyond absurd. I renewed my subscription to this site thinking that it would come in hand for tickets for the tour, now it looks like I will have to renew again next year. If U2 is listening at all, please know you are pissing off all your longtime fans and while you keep talking about relevance, us old fans might be all you have left, so treating us a little more kindly would be appreciated. Don't bilk us for money on this site when we get nothing for it (the book you are offering is lame) and just start telling us the truth instead of bullshit quotes about when the album will be out. If you are having trouble writing songs, just tell us. It would go a lot further than this insanity going on and on. Never been more disillusioned as a U2 fan. I have almost lost interest. You thought you had trouble with irrelevance before?
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