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  1. Yeah! Great version of Desire. Im listening too my song of the day is.... https://youtu.be/l16zRFGNK5A
  2. 30 days! is a bit ridiculous to say its shipped but could take 30 days. Whats the deliery method Bono walking here and delivering to me in person?! Bleedin' mental. That was after the email saying your vinyl has shipped - when already got that last time. Two emails later youll get the prints. Didnt mean to bug you
  3. Hiya Electricco have you tried emailing the u2.com shop? Ive not got mine yet but an email saying delivery in 10 to 30 days
  4. If you've not heard this version yet, give it a spin love it favorite one
  5. Yeah! I was there too same date same place watching the same show =0)
  6. Yeah great tune. Thatll be mine too
  7. I think next album will be out soon and the tour resumes. I think Australia and South America will be on the cards. With the next leg of the tour coming back to Europe and ending in North America ... last show in LA. Only a guess thats all
  8. 'Ordinary Love' was playing on the discount store backing music as I shopped for puppy training mats today
  9. From the album: ewe too

    Bono and Adam 'live' at Ellend Road, Leeds during the Joshua Tree Tour 1987

    © As per watermark

  10. From the album: ewe too

    The crowd at Elland Road Leeds watching U2 perform in 1987

    © as per watermark

  11. If I remember rightly World Party were replaced by The Fall
  12. From the album: ewe too

    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leeds, UK 1987 poster

    © U2

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