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  1. I love it when U2 cover this song
  2. Living in the UK its gotta be ...
  3. Today I have been listening to this on youtube
  4. thought i'd lost my eye sight then invisible - invisible like it
  5. Great photos thanks for posting them
  6. I think you get allocated a pre-sale based on when you were a member, usually as long as you are a member before the tour/dates announced you get priority pre-sale. As when things are announced theres a clamour to sign-up to buy tickets.
  7. I received my dvd stuff yesterday from u2.com, great packing and arrived on time .... thanks very much Look forward to watching it all tomorrow night
  8. Bet it was great to see and hear on a big screen and then the Q&As after really cool
  9. It is released June 10th (this Friday). In UK got U2.com shipping email about 2 days ago - meant to be arriving Saturday
  10. As of right now there isn't any update about the gift shipping. Please keep an eye to the site/board and your registered email account. As soon as the shipping starts, be sure there will be a few notifications... Thanks for the update Max
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