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  1. Since when has Zoo Station been on All That You Can't Leave Behind? Lol
  2. This will be my song of the day too
  3. Today I am listening to the title track from U2's most overrated album ;0)
  4. Today I am listening to U2 Summer Rain
  5. Wont be here tomorrow but will be listening to
  6. Two for the price of one ... i cant seperate them theyre so good back to back ... All I Want is You/Where the streets have no name _ live from slane u2.com cd. Bono's howling at the end of all i want/streets intro makes my hair stand on end
  7. Love this thread! Sunday evening ... One step closer
  8. The Sweetest Thing demo - on youtube
  9. i will be with you again

  10. HOw do I vote for U2??>>>>>> I clicked on "U2" and it just refreshed the page !!! Oops posted at wrong thread nevermind. I dunno think it may be closed now?
  11. Itd be dead good if a small clip of a new tune appered on a video
  12. Oh right cool. Anyway lets back on track pop pop popmusik =0)
  13. I know the following were used- STS Studios, Danesmoate House, Melbeach House Dublin and Windmill Lane Studios. Cant find Bodie recording session though. Wheres that in the book? 29 Palms, Bodie, Death Valley, Death Valley junction, etc were used for photo shoots only?
  14. Cool learn something new everyday ;0) will have to read that bit again .... cheers
  15. Larry still looks pretty much the same and has hardly aged ;0) since 1986 .... or before for that matter
  16. great band photo called the same U2 need to restage this photo 30 years on
  17. It was recorded in a house in Bodie California and in another house in Dublin but I can't remember any other details about the latter... is that right about Bodie? i know some of the photos were taken there (like Streets single cover), but don't think they recorded any music there? Could be wrong?
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