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  1. Indeed, I hope the same: Mercy on SOE!! Yes everyone cross you're fingers
  2. Well it's been announced and looks fab (Paris tour film) so this calls for a
  3. Exciting news on atu2 about amazin leaking paris dvd ... cant wait
  4. Good to hear Mercy again. Hope that appears on Songs of Experience
  5. I 'found' this tune again on my ipod
  6. Yeah great tune. When i first heard songs of innocence i couldnt get past the first two tracks ... as theyre so great
  7. That is so perfect... Yes i agree its amazing ... specially 'live'.
  8. Since when has Zoo Station been on All That You Can't Leave Behind? Lol
  9. This will be my song of the day too
  10. Today I am listening to the title track from U2's most overrated album ;0)
  11. Today I am listening to U2 Summer Rain
  12. Wont be here tomorrow but will be listening to
  13. Two for the price of one ... i cant seperate them theyre so good back to back ... All I Want is You/Where the streets have no name _ live from slane u2.com cd. Bono's howling at the end of all i want/streets intro makes my hair stand on end
  14. Love this thread! Sunday evening ... One step closer
  15. The Sweetest Thing demo - on youtube
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