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  1. Have fun, CorkVegan. The Head and the Heart have been covering Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over. They said it's one of their favorite songs-played it in Chicago and both nights of Madison. It sounded surprisingly good-can't be easy to cover such a beautiful original. Jon was outside the venue, in front, when we arrived. He was chatting. Very cool. Charity mentioned loving Spotted Cow beer. (a local one here in Wisconsin) She was sitting on a chair drinking one when we first met her five years ago, at Summerfest, and a friend got me a backstage pass. He told me that he posted, earlier this year, that they should return to Summerfest for some Spotted Cow- on their Facebook page. It was a pseudo joke but they responded, saying Charity was very excited about the Summerfest gig. I just found that out earlier tonight. They also mentioned, during the shows, that most of the new album was inspired by, and written in Wisconsin, which is where I live. Great two nights. Now it's Ames, Iowa on Thursday for another show. Favorite moment-seeing Charity grin when she saw me go nuts before they even began to start to sing Gone. I see the setup and I just know. Zach, the drummer is awesome. He beats the heck out of the drums with a morocco during two songs. He's my favorite drummer since Larry.
  2. I just looked at the news headlines and saw Ric Ocasek died. I'm in shock. This one is already hitting me hard. Thanks for posting, illumination70. I'm glad someone already had done so. Wow. Sad.
  3. Friend of mine had that done. Good for you. My good thing was yet another Head and the Heart show doing GA and on the rail. They added the song, Gone, to the set list. Two shows in a row-it's one of my favorite songs ever. Thursday is a long road trip across Iowa for a third one. I was so tired from the Chicago show on Friday that I didn't even want to go when I woke up this morning. Now it's 2 am and I'm wired from the show. They are so good live-one of my top three bands.
  4. Lol Twist it, add salt and rub it in. I'm not looking at your photos any longer. j/k 😝 The Head and the Heart, in Madison tonight, is my next show. They were great in Chicago on Friday night but my gosh did we pay driving to and fro. They added Gone to the set list. I went nuts after the first bass note introducing it. I'm hoping Jon does The Glory of Music this evening.
  5. Got TM app on my phone. Got password covertly stored just in case. Got our tickets for The Head and the Heart upgraded for Chicago tomorrow. Got our tickets for The Head and the Heart in Iowa upgraded to third row and dead center-exactly where I'd pick if I had first choice. It cost $20 to do it on TM. Got an alternate plan, with the venue, for GA in case it's too much for The Head and the Heart in Madison. It's on.to Chicago now, baby. 😀 (whew)
  6. Please do. 😊 I'ts ringing a very distant bell. Were they sent out as part of Prop? Such a dummy I was for not realizing I would want my U2 stuff from those days. I am looking forward to seeing whatever they are.
  7. I can understand this and somewhat relate to it. I'm not trying to say anyone is wrong with how he or she feels. I'm trying to keep some positives in a great thing - even if it is not happening as we might wish. Please don't think I'm criticizing you. All I'm doing is expressing my opinion. I honestly don't care when they arrive. That does not mean you are wrong because you do. For me, the greatest part of this website is that we can all express what we wish and the moderators make sure we are cool in how we do it. There's another tropical storm by the Bahamas. I'm skipping America's political debates this evening because I don't want to deal with the spin. People are getting shot and killed. Vaping death. Any of us could keep going or add their own country's individual challenges. IE/EI was huge in getting me through all the chaos our world is facing. I need this to stay positive so I'm writing what I feel.. I don't know what else to do. I'm not going after anyone. I'm holding onto what is mine and nothing more.
  8. Ouch! I hope phase two goes well. I want to make a laughing gas joke. 😶
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