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  1. This American thinks we need to open our borders, not enclose them.  How can we be America if we do not?

  2. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Dawes was fantastic. I was the only die hard fan at the show. It is so cool when Taylor plays a lick or they hit a high point and he looks at me or us die hards...then he gets that smile. Impatiently awaiting new Dawes tour dates. My next shows are Snow Patrol and Muse in Chicago. I'm not sure which is when but both are highly anticipated!
  3. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    My next concert is Dawes, tomorrow in Clearwater, FL. It will be close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.78 C) warmer for this show than it was when I saw them in Chicago last month. Ruth Eckerd Hall/Capitol Theatre-I've never seen where every front row seat is for a wheelchair and companion. 🙃 I have second row. I can stand and it's first row for the first two rows. Everyone wins. Props to them for that. Hi to everyone. Read a bit above. I have concert envy but it's happy for you guys. Rock and Roll.
  4. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I got to Florida. It was close to one hundred actual F degrees warmer than a few day ago in Milwaukee. I cannot hear anything outside and see all the stars-the thing I most love about central Florida. It is dead silent. Perhaps I'll hear a panther again or see the bear my sister recently saw.
  5. Temps are rising in Milwaukee.  Hang in there, East Coast.

  6. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    My mom stopped crying and is all excited because I'm visiting for three weeks starting Monday. She's out buying all my toiletries so I don't have to use my head to remember. All I have to so is be me. If I say the wrong thing-it shall right itself. I'm thankful. I'm frustrated because two concerts in the dangerous cold have me exhausted but it is what it is. It was also the best medicine possible but yikes. Getting up to get water is exhausting. My mood has improved remarkably. I thought I was making no progress but I am. Thanks to the powers that be. illumination7--Thank you. It's nice to be able to come in here, write and feel better.
  7. Manohlive

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    Once again, I have concert envy. Thanks for answering. I've only seen one U2 tribute band in Milwaukee and it wasn't good so I left after one song. Perhaps the real band will see this, feel sorry for me and do a gig in my apartment? (one can dream) Thanks for answering.
  8. Manohlive

    Explosive Thoughts ....

    You are most welcome. I'll add you on Instagram and sing into it to see. It may take me a bit but you have my word that I will follow! (sorry U2-you deserve better jokes but I can't resist)
  9. Manohlive

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    I only saw one U2 tribute band and they were awful. I presumed and assumed that it was not possible for there to be a good tribute band for U2. Dmway-if you know of one that's going to be in Milwaukee/Chicago, can you please let me know? I have to keep screen time to a minimum but I'll also try to check for gigs near me. This is a cool thread.
  10. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Congrats, Doc. Reading this is my good thing for the day.
  11. Manohlive

    Explosive Thoughts ....

    You are using your signature throughout this piece, yes? You know I'm a fan. I absolutely love this one, pain. I am sincerely stunned. The tree becomes, for me, so much deeper of a symbol. What you put on that paper is what I feel when my head explodes. Congrats and respect, pain. Way to go! 😀
  12. I missed this. I just read your article, Mr. McLean. It's infuriating and unacceptable when sacrifice is taken hostage. I had forgotten but remembered. I admire your writing. I could follow it without reviewing your words. I felt the emotions without distraction. .Thank you for a transcendent post.. Congrats on it being your first. 💙
  13. Mother Nature seems to have fallen and banged her head,  -60 F wind chills (-51 C) to rain on Saturday in Milwaukee.  

  14. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm still in a decent mood but bummed out. My mom has been crying on the phone since Sunday. One of the five women killed in the recent mass shooting, in Sebring, Florida, where much of my family lives, went to her church. This lady had something like seven children. Sunday was the first service since this mass shooting happened. My mom's been sobbing and it's awful to hear. I'm flying down a week from today and I'm not sure how I'm going to help her get through it. I'm nervous I'll say the wrong thing. I love my mom very much. I feel guilty because I'm glad she was not at the bank when it happened. I hate it when people cry-especially women, and this is my mom. I then think of the families of those five women. I'm angry nothing has changed.
  15. Manohlive

    You Decide...

    One from each album. 😊

    An exponential BRRRRRRR.  ⬇️

    1. dmway


      Stay warm.

      We’re getting it Wednesday through Friday. I don’t want it. 🥶

    2. pain_18_


      Long live the cold...and down with the heat !

  17. Manohlive

    U2Charist - Need Some Help And Direction

    This fan knew nothing of a U2charist. Thanks, Ender. I'd love to hear what you do. I hope all is, and goes well, as a husband, father and dreamer.. You rock.
  18. A lithograph of the pic where Edge is standing in Yosemite would be a great subscriber gift or addition to the U2 store.  I want one on my wall.  Please?  

  19. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    Prego, illumination70.
  20. Manohlive

    The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm in a really good mood this evening. I feel whole and at peace despite the ensuing, 'just short of a blizzard with -20 degrees to follow'. My local weather people are kinda pissing me off-I love storms too but take a tranquilizer and stop interrupting my normally scheduled program. 😎 I'm in a great mood. Everything is funny.
  21. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Dawes was great last night. I saw people I know, from different states, who also follow them. We all stood together and it made the show even better. Some dude, during the intermission last night, while I was getting bottles of water, took my spot right up front. I should have made him leave but was in such a good mood it did not matter at the time. Of course, he held up the cell phone and started filming when the band started to play their second set. At one point he was doing face time with someone and talking with her, during songs, and then holding the camera over his head so she could watch. I was ready to shut him down when Taylor, the lead singer and guitarist, shot him a look that was priceless. He quickly stopped the face time but still filmed with the phone over his head. This was right in front of Taylor. People behind this idiot could not see some guitar solos. I pretended to dance and gently shoved him aside, but that made it worse for others. It was obvious he was really irritating the band. Why would someone butt in, right up front, hold a camera over his head and film a master musician who is literally standing right in front of him? I don't get it. I doubt I ever will. It seems rude, not only to the performer, but also the audience behind. This was a small venue. It was not an arena or stadium concert. I wish they would ban cell phones at shows unless one takes a class in how to not be stupid while using them. I will never give up my place on the rail again unless it's someone who is shorter, cannot see AND stood and waited to be on the rail. Pardon my rant. I need to let go of my remaining irritation and this is how it works for me. It was still a fantastic time. My next concert is Dawes on Tuesday. My cross country fan friends are all going to be at that show too. ☺️
  22. Manohlive

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I finally found my badly needed long underwear, which had fallen behind packed boxes. I also found the other really warm glove which had fallen behind other packed boxes. I'm going to Dawes this evening despite sub zero temps. Tomorrow and Monday we are going to get a foot of snow, followed by -20 F temps and -50 wind chills. My car is starting just fine so all good.
  23. Manohlive

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I'm going to see Dawes this evening. 😵
  24. Oh my gosh, is it cold outside. 

    1. pain_18_


      But Brightly Lit....

    2. nickharv


      It gets so hot in here 

    3. Manohlive


      13 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow and then even colder.  Time to put on U2 and dance!!!

  25. Manohlive

    U2's exhibition center

    I very much like the the building. I do not know Dublin but it looks like a cool structure in its setting.