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  1. If you did not know, until now, that you did ordered the double cd, are you aware that you can download 14 of the tracks now? The download link is under our main account info-not the store. FYI Pardon me if you already have them.
  2. I forgot about this joke. 😆. Props to the Mods for every day since the presales as well. I reckon it takes a fair amount of patience to do what they do. 😑
  3. Will there be an official announcement when shipping begins? When shipping does start - Do we still look under my account, in the store, for an order to appear, as we have in past years?
  4. I remember your post expressing how happy you were after that show. They seem to like to play it in Chicago. (or whatever but I've been lucky) Technically it's a new day so I'm picking my song now-one I have not been lucky enough to see live: This video is beautfiul.
  5. Is this in Dublin? Were they already a farily well known band locally or in much of Ireland? Were they already big? MTV-second time they made my head turn, watch and wonder who these guys were...then the profundity hit me.
  6. Diahann Carroll. First black lady to lead a series and it was 1969.. Tony Award. NAACP Image Award. Golden Globe Award. Many other awards as well and she was so much fun on Dynasty in the 80's
  7. I wish up that star tonight... It would be awesome.
  8. I've been house-sitting and watching Irish Terriers. I also watched a few movies. I finally saw the return of the Jedi last night it was pretty good. I can't remember if the villain dies? Don't ask me his name and I apologize, pad. I thought of you a few times while I watched it. Good movie 👍
  9. Love this song and video. For me, it's gotta be the one with Bono's writing and where he's singing on the street and his voice slowly expands into the whole song.
  10. I saw the dates. I'm hoping they do a full tour and cross the Atlantic. I also saw Cardiff's two dates are sold out. Many other shows only have singles left for sale. That must be one massive queue for GA.
  11. Are they full fledge touring for KInd's release in October? I see some dates in the Uk but only two weks or so. I'm very excited for the new album and hoping they return to Chicago. Hearing them open with C'est La Vie and go straight into Caught By The Wind was beyond awesome. My next concert, hopefully, is the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra doing Chabrier, Ravel and a few others-music of Spain. Hearing Bolero live is a special treat for me. My next rock concert is probably opening night of TJT 2019 in the live thread. Up Periscope. (por favor)
  12. Still hurts but I think I managed to get a grip, put up my chin and go forth. I managed to function today. Irish Terrier fact correction: There are 226 of them registered with the AKC every year-not only 226 in all of North America. I thought that stat was weird. I asked and was told so today when I visited M and her thee dogs. I start housesitting and watching them on Tuesday. I just finalized that my new dog will come home with me on Oct 19, 2019. Kind cool. My birthday is on a 19th, as are a lot of other syncronicities. Bruff, died a year ago yesterday. I'm freaking out at having another dog. 'Can I do this?' Duh. I had Bruff severnteen years. It's weird but feels really good. .
  13. Gloria also awesome on the last tour
  14. The worst headache cycle I've ever had has reached high theater pitch. My good thing for today is that I'm still looking on the bright side despite having to cancel all plans-which included a visit to Irish Terrier heaven for my fix until I get mine. My goddaughter is getting married tomorrow. I'm very worried I'm either not going to be able to make it or go and not be able to hide how I feel. My other good thing is that I'm not losing hope.
  15. Can someone please tell me what this means? It would be good to know.
  16. My best bud and I hung out. He made me laugh at a bunch of crap, including myself. I bought him dinner. It was tasty! (American Mexican) Salsa, sour cream and guacamole is a magical combination. It's nice to use America and Mexico in one and it be so good.
  17. Same here. I'm awful at them. Great tee shirt.
  18. Romans 12:13-17 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.
  19. The look on people's faces when they see this tee shirt is priceless. Thanks to the doc. You look great, Mich. The beard is quite fashionable, Max. I'm glad your flight was not delayed for that show, bigwave. Thanks to the mods and everyone. What a great day. 😀
  20. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
  21. Yours too? haha We've a long ways to go before they even start impeachment proceedings. I think he knew he was sunk the night of the election. We'll see what happens. I fired someone who was cheating the system and putting my neck on the line, all at the taxpayer's expense. I made several calls. They are big-time busted. They will either lose funding or be under a lot of scrutiny. Fraud can be a good word when used in reverse. Everything they did for me, I'm now doing myself. All I needed was a jump-start. I thought I was a head case. Turns out a lot of the supposedly successful ones are even more screwed up and they're corrupt to boot. They're also dumb and often easily beaten at their own game. I receive funding to go back to work. I'm not about to milk the system. I want to work.
  22. Good luck, everyone. I can't go but hope you get great seats or RZ or whatever you desire.
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