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  1. Our opinions differ. That doesn't make anyone right or wrong. My comments were never meant to disparage anyone, or their opinions.. It's not about fault. I'm choosing to look at the bright side. It's U2. There's always a bump or two in the road., but in the end, they deliver. I'm truly excited these are now being pressed into our gifts. They're gonna be awesome.
  2. The parable of the Samaritan woman at the well.
  3. Oy. I see I gushed above. Thanks for the tolerance. Earlier today, at Irish Fest, I was offered a seven year old female Irish Terrier named Regina. I accepted. She's beautiful. I got to the fest, was handed a dog and told to go with her because she needed time alone. We had about 45 minutes or so together. They set me up and were watching us. It appears I'm getting her once final discussions have been had among the pack elders. I am a very fortunate human being.
  4. I offered to help get all the Irish Terriers, and the gear required to have them at a big festival, packed up tonight. They gave me a participant pass to get in free today. I was going to pay $21 I cannot afford just to see the terriers again. I'm going down today. It's a good thing I was wearing reflective sunglasses yesterday. I teared up a few times but it was wonderful. I'm still part of the pack. Not sure if it's hope and dreams-I think she may have one picked out for me and it's a boy. I could be wrong. Ward Irish Music Heritage tent-It's full of U2. Very cool. I did not have to give up any of the IE prints to get in yesterday. I now feel like giving the ones I'm not going to use to them so the prints can go with the other U2 stuff.. If it goes on a wall for all to see-I think that's a good place. Milwaukee is a city of immigrants. We celebrate it.
  5. Love them too. I need an Irish Terrier. There is no going back for me. I wonder how the two breeds get on with each other. Aerdale and Irish Terriers pretty much want to eat each other. Oh man. I miss Bruff but all good. He would look at me for permission to run after a squirrel when he was free in the backyard but he would pull my arm out of its socket to munch an Aerdale when we were on a walk. He'd dart so quickly that he flew into the air when he hit the end of the leash. That look he gave me: 'Why'd ya do that? I could've taken him down.' So many good memories.
  6. Happy-it's Irish Fest by me. Largest Irish festival outside of Ireland. I get to go see Irish Terriers and play with them. (yay) I badly want another. There is a promo where one can donate 10 original Irish music items to an Irish music archive for our Irish Center and get two admissions. They'll be getting an old original copy of Achtung Baby from me as one item. I'm deciding if I should give them the gifted U2 seriographs I am not going to frame. Otherwise, they'll be just sitting in a tube in my closet. I'm thinking this is a good place for them to go. Why is it so hard to give them up?
  7. I know he was at shows talking to fans. Perhaps that was it.
  8. It's Irish Fest in Milwaukee. All the Irish Terrier breeders in North America are here and will be at the fest. I get to go see them all and play with the dogs. I miss Bruff, my Irish Terrier of 18 years. I'm seeing these people for the first time since he passed. Telling myself I'm not going to lose it but I'm already crying here on my couch. I'm very excited. I can feel I'm going to get another but why isn't he here now? Lol They are the best dogs ever. I also get to see a lot of accomplished Irish musicians from across the world. I'll be eating Irish Stew with soda bread. Yum. God Bless Ireland. (please find me another Irish Terrier.)
  9. Today was the Feast of the Assumption for the Catholic Church. The Magnificat, from the Gospel according to Saint Luke: My soul magnifies the Lord And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior; Because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaid; For behold, henceforth all generations shall call me blessed; Because He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name; And His mercy is from generation to generation on those who fear Him. He has shown might with His arm, He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and has exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty. He has given help to Israel, his servant, mindful of His mercy Even as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his posterity forever.
  10. Members usually post when shipping begins. It's how I've always known to start checking my account. I remember being notified my gifts were being shipped and then there is a bit of a delay before the actual tracking number appears on my account. That delay time varies but it's while the gift is between the U2 warehouse and UPS, or whomever is used for delivery.
  11. Happy 80th to The Wizard of Oz.

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      I recently found out that the film originally premiered in a small city which is near Milwaukee where I live.  They made a yellow brick road and are having all sorts of Wizard of Oz events-including the unveiling of sculptures.  It's a great story.  

    3. Manohlive
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      Cool!! :)

      There was an anime (Japanese cartoon) about it on TV here in Italy when I was a child... nice memories ^_^ 

  12. The subscriber's gift is one facet of our membership; not the sum of all its parts. This thread is specifically about the 2019 subscription gift-not the past nor the future.. Each of us is free to create a separate thread to address concerns about what was and/or wishes for what will be.concerning subscribers gifts and possible surprise releases in the future. IE and EI are a marking point for U2. Once again, they set the bar. The 2019 subscribers gift is celebrating yet another amazing accomplishment by the greatest rock band ever These two tours helped countless people, throughout the world, get through very difficult times. In my opinion, we should be celebrating and appreciating this gift for what it is, not dumping on it for what it is not. . IE and EI were special. Let's honor it and dance away the chaos we all feel. .
  13. Happy 50th to Woodstock. 

  14. Lol One of the banes of my existence is knowing there are photos of me from that time period. I want to run, hide and never come out again every time I see those darn inverted, converted and perverted pleats!!! Thanks, pad. I'm laughing so hard. The fashion was awful and we thought we were so cool. Then there is the hair...
  15. I managed to eat enough today. It's been very rough because I have no appetite. Legally prescribed marijuana pills help but I get sick of being stoned all the time. I'm taking a break from them which means eating is very challenging. I managed to eat three times. It's a good thing.
  16. Manohlive


    We know, in our hears, the difference between right and wrong. In the end, it's about being kind to one another. It's about doing what is right. Yes, I believe in Christ but that does not give me the right to point at another and tell them their path is wrong. I'm Catholic but I struggle with it. I don't want to go to mass much of the time because I see the hypocrisy of organized religion. For me, it's a realization that the Divine did not mess things up-we did. It's up to us to make it right. I think we are on the precipice of very tumultuous times; unprecedented times. I believe that good far, far exceeds bad. Right now there is a lot of bad having free reign. Perhaps it is to show us how to get back on the right path of making sure all human beings are okay and loved.-with no one excluded-no matter what they have done. IE-Paris-Bono says it's important to remember to pray for the terrorists..I concur. The most challenging thing for me at times, in my faith, is realizing that fault can be found in all of us so we do well to broker peace with each other here and now. It's easy and then other times, it's very tough. Those tough times are what matter most. We cannot expect God to bless us unless we ask His blessing for every single one of us. Why should He if we are denying others and not including all? (my own view-I'm not pushing it)
  17. I'm enjoying trying to guess what the next released downloads will be. Will it be two, as it's previously been? If so, which two? Perhaps we'll get four this time? Will it be all of the remaining ones at once? I hope it's a couple. I like being teased. It's fun.
  18. NOT MEANT TO CRITICIZE ANYONE'S COMMENTS-JUST MY OPINION: The tracks have been announced. They never promised any timing with this gift. There are almost always delays with production. It's easy to not realize what a huge undertaking it is to produce and deliver these gifts. I'm tired of the, 'they are rich' comments. We are free to subscribe or not subscribe. Nobody forces us. Many people, including myself, are very happy with this gift. Some are not. This happens every year. Downloads of different shows were never a part of this subscription gift. Perhaps a different thread for future U2 wishes, or something of the sort, should be started. I don't know. The gift has been announced. It is what it is. I think we should appreciate what we are being given and put our other wishes into a different thread.
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