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  1. Interesting. Are they not getting along? and Are they delaying the album/tour until the election is over? were my two thoughts/questions. I hope that when they do tour-it's about the new music and lots of what Bruce has released since The Rising. I'm tired of hearing the usuals. I love them but I've seen it live so many times. I seem to be in the minority when I say I'd love a music from 2000 on Bruce Springsteen tour. Oh well. It'll be next year. That leaves more money for when Coldplay tours this year.
  2. That still does not make it right. Buying/supporting illegal sales contributes to a larger mess. In the end, who wins? All it does is cause more problems and raise the price for everyone else. .I do not understand this mentality. I find it extremely irritating. Also, some fans find, copy, paste and report illegal sales of U2 tickets and merchandise. Good for you, and I mean it. Many do not have the 2019 gift. I keep coming into these threads hoping to see posts that they've finally received their CD's.
  3. Manohlive


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. No new Chicago gigs yet.
  4. Manohlive


    Perhaps it will be his son.
  5. You get through the needles. The next couple days are the worst for me because my head swells from all the pokes. Lots of people get botox. I have a chronic migraine. It never stops. I go to sleep and wake up with it. I also get all the other types of headaches on top of the migraine, often all at once. It is what it is. I've learned to be happy and have a sense of humor about it all. My main problem is tolerance for stupid people who unnecessarily make life more difficult for others. This brings me to my current mood, which is crabby. I've decided I have to move again. My building seems to have hired another inept manager. I've been waiting, since May, for lights to be replaced in my apartment. I'm stepping in dog poop because two residents do not pick up after their pets. If I take the other stairs out of my building, it smells like dog urine IN THE FRICKING BUILDING. (deep breath). Tenants are too lazy to take out their dogs OR they don't want to go out into the snow and cold. Management keeps telling me, "We're still working on it." . I just responded with, "What is there to work on? Either stop the residents or go pick it up yourself. That's what a manager does.". He was not happy with me. I don't care. The dumb ass doesn't even realize that I just purposely walked into their office so I could scrape the dog poop off my boots and they'd smell it all day. (only after months of reasonable complaints) I can't go into my kitchen at night because the lights flicker and buzz, which causes the headaches to get even worse. I'm not allowed, as a resident, to fx them. It's been ten months. They think I'm just another dumb resident. I'm not. I know people who are very well connected.. I just made several phone calls. Both the owner and manager of this building are going to have very bad days tomorrow. The shi#t is going to hit their fans and hopeully stay off my footwear. until I can find a different place to live. ARGH. I am in no shape to move again. I'm very crabby. Pardon my rant. I needed to get it out and let it go. Time to make some stuffed french toast, listen to some music and find my happy place.
  6. I think that's very wise of you. No need to apologize but thanks. That line has a good groove to it. . I did not mention what I posted has been published and is protected.. I feared doing so would come across incorrectly. Sad someone might steal but it's reality. Very sad we would have to fear that on U2.com but such is our world. Best of luck to you wrting that story. May your muses inspire you...
  7. I saw more about this storm. Hundred mile an hour winds, it said.
  8. I went to Chicago. It was the quarterly meeting of the Irish Terrier Club of Chicago, which is a subset of the Irish Terrier Clue of America. I had to apply, be spoinsered with recommendation, leave the room while they discussed me and voted on acceptance. I'm now officially a member. I was a approached to see if I'd be willing to take on responsiblitly within the club. I happily said yes. Great day. It wsa also sunny and quite pleasant outside.
  9. It's above thrity degrees. The bitter cold/wind chills have moved east.
  10. It's part of the show, which was released in conunction with the show being broadcast on DirecTV last month.
  11. Manohlive


    I love new bands too. I think U2 is still going strong and love the new music. I saw the video for Ice Cream Sundae and loved it. I searched, and saw they were touring America. Sadly, they had been in Chicago (near me) three nights earlier. I was rather bummed. I love new music.
  12. I didn't thnk of; remember this. It was very powerful. Exciting.
  13. Manohlive


    I am watching this. It is wasn't so cool, it'd be spooky. I'm feeling old and invigoated at the same time.
  14. Manohlive


    Lol I stand corrected. πŸ˜€ I didn't know it was Bono's son when I heard Ice Cream. I thought it was a new band. I laugh every time I watch the video and read the line, "You have a nce eye." It's funny and clever. Perhaps your passion for Inhaler will rerbirth your love for U2. You said your heart is breaking. SOE grows on a person. There is a 75 minute segment of the EI tour in Berlin. It's on YouTube. EI was a great show. Pride took on a whole new life life for EI. I highly suggest giving them another chance, especially if you are missing U2.
  15. "We couldn't' agree on anything where to eat, what to eat, who to eat… Brian Eno was questioning the utensils we were eating with." I forgot about this. ⬆️
  16. Faye Swetlig 6 years old.
  17. I do not understand this rationale. When do two wrongs make a right? I'm not getting what I want here so I'll go over there and support someone doing something that isn't right and contributes to an even larger mess. (and costs even more money than has already been spent) I know you're upset. It's understandable. Does buying any merchandise which should not be sold on Ebay help the situation? Why should emapthy be felt if you do? Any I had for you just flew out the window. Selling and buying this stuff on Ebay is not cool. It makes the whole situation worse.
  18. Ouch. Sorry to hear this. I hope all goes well at your appointment. I'm a bit surly today. I had 40 some shots of botox in my head and neck for migranes. I'm used to this but it hurts right now. It's all swollen. I'm usually pretty good at dealing with it but there's another storm front/change in pressure on its way. That makes things much worse. Feelin' kinda down in the dumps.sorry for myself. I don't like it when I get into that frame of mind. Keep telling myself to cheer up. I can't snap out of it.
  19. Hallelujiah! I love the rhythm you got going in this line. . .. .
  20. This was not written for U2. I often wonder what it would sound like if it was a U2 song. It's the beginning of a larger piece which ultmately ends in hope. So now the clouds have come I've watched them slowly Swallow up the Sun Taking all our leaves away. These plows produce dustbowls Each season yields nothing One more harvest blows astray. That tapping on the wndow It's ending the fugue of nght Flashed twisted and turning Dropped yearning and burnng There's no hand up in sight.
  21. I just ran across this thread. I can only view the first photo of U2 in front of their plane. When I go to the second-my browser goes black and nothing appears. I also tried using the thumbnails and the same thing happens. argh Any help would be appreciated. If there is an intern's assistant slot open, I'll take that. wow. Every show.
  22. Is the healing process continuing to go well? I sure hope so.
  23. Several people have mentioned these storms. I'm glad you are okay. Thank you for your kind words. Bad pain will get the best of anyone. It is what it is but it's very challenging right now. It'll get better, I hope. Thanks. My good thing is I have more money in my checking account than I thought and I found ten bucks in cash which had fallen behind my kitchen table. (which never gets used for eating because it's full of stuff.)
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