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    Next indoor tour, put the Main Stage in the middle of the floor Willie, work some magic...
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    Hi, just want to share a feeling... After my 1 & only show of the Experience tour that I will be able to see. (Philly 1)...I just want to throw this out there.... it might hit somewhere...... Thank you U2 for continuing to put out the good shit that gets me to think, to look beyond & to feel..... You Irish keep the fight going. Your not going down... I am up for a Pint.....Hicksong......
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    Ha ! It looks like a band photo !
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    Dogs are Awesome
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    Yes the Mods do Stellar work in these parts...
  6. hicksong

    Uncasville Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Wish as well... smallest venue on the tour I think...should be Epic !
  7. I saw a picture and it looked like there were 2 small stages/platforms on both sides of the long walkway.... what’s going on here ? Thanks !
  8. Always wondered how long it takes to build a show ? Any idea ?
  9. hicksong

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    tell me more about the Pride Stages......
  10. hicksong

    2 small stages on the floor ?

    Thank you cmooreNC !
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    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    surprised .... lots of great seats available for both nights
  12. hicksong

    Omaha Live Thread #U2eiTour

    .....Somewhere in middle America....
  13. hicksong

    Will they come back to USA after Europe?

    I have a feeling... no just a feeling
  14. hicksong

    WHERE are all the GAs going?!!

    Crazy Corrupt.... great video, enjoyed it... were fucked
  15. hicksong

    Hotel suggestions.

    Thank you for the recommendation
  16. My brother and I booked a room at the Holiday Inn next to the arenas. He just got a call from them canceling the reservation. Seems the Holiday Inn is closing before the show. A casino bought the land adjacent to the arena and they are going to develop the land. Any suggestions for a hotel close to Wells Fargo Arena ? Thanks ! Hicksong
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    I would love to see U2 have a stage set up with a stage in the center of the arena floor, in the round if you will. Have ramps extend to both ends. I think it would give the whole arena a closer experience. I always wondered why they never tried this.
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    Good luck Europe! I hope you don’t experience what happened here in North America...
  19. hicksong

    U2 doesn't need me.

    you need them more than they need you
  20. hicksong

    GA's San Jose 1 Avail Now

    Aw Man, sorry. I didn't try to purchase, just saw that they were showing as available. Maybe call TM to see if it would go through ? Good Luck ! hs
  21. Hi GA's for San Jose 1 are up in ticketmaster, as of right now......face value ....get em