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  1. Bogirl

    Remember when?

    I'm a Zootopian from way back when, subscribed in 2005..when the zoo was alive & kicking before Facebook & social media.. I remember when hurricane Katrina struck & we all felt helpless. I watched the Grammys & loved Edge's tshirt. I posted asking why the band didn't vocalize anything about the event . I was met with many negative responses. Most didn't understand that New Orleans was the birthplace of American music. I posted asking to purchase the tshirt then I posted: sell the tshirts & make the proceeds go towards Hurricane Katrina relief! Myself and another Zootopian sent emails to Gibson Guitar's marketing people & MusicRising was born from my post.
  2. Great job with this letter! This is one of the factors preventing me from being a paid subscriber-no communication from the band whatsoever...or the manager. Someone has to be on social media in this day & age...stop with the teasers (people take vacation time based on some of these rumors, coming from the bands' statements in the media themselves), and have to plan financially in advance.
  3. Bogirl

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hello newbies! Lynne here-I've been a zootop since 2005, a U2 fan since 1983, been to many tours. I'm from Boston but missed the Elevation Tour due to my baby being born (fine with me!). I was a subscriber for a looong time and trying to find my way around here again...
  4. Bogirl

    Where's Bono? (Merged)

    Nice! I'd love to be a FLY on THAT wall!