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  1. Did you succeed yet? I have two hardcopy GA tickets (Staanplaats) for Saturday in Amsterdam that I bought before the Sunday shows were announced. It's my wife's birthday on the 29th so I really rather would go on Sunday.
  2. Two more Amsterdam shows just announced. Good luck everybody.
  3. @u2akira They *did* say something like that. Adam spoke in this Rolling Stone interview about one night "explosive" and one night "acoustic": http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/18-things-you-learn-hanging-out-with-u2-20141030 But who knows what will happen in the next nine months? Things will probably change a couple of times.
  4. Given Bono's recent remarks, I would't be surprised when it's Future Islands. And as U2 have very often been able to contract the hottest band around, I keep thinking about Royal Blood.
  5. I got two tickets for the first night (September 8), and I really would love to trade one for the second night... Anyone interested? It's Standing, €65,-. But I would't mind sitting for the second night. Also, is it even possible to trade tickets, as the e-ticket I bought has got my name on it...?
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