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  1. do you have an msg night 1 poster for sale
  2. i got a shirt for my self from msg night 1 and it was 40 and the poster was 30
  3. there is no show on the 29th theres only the 26 27 30 and 31 shows left
  4. i have seats i could trade with you sent you a pm
  5. do you happen to have any for the july 18th show that's the show i'm trying to get
  6. evan chase

    msg july 18

    im looking for 2 tix to the july 18th u2 show in sections 100's or 200's best i can do is 325 total
  7. Thanks but Best I could do right now is 325
  8. Would you do 312 total for both
  9. i need 2 tix to the july 18th msg show looking for tickets in the 100-200 section
  10. i'm looking for 2 tixto see u2 july 18th sections 100's or 200's
  11. looking for 2 tix in the 100 section or 200 section for the july 18th show
  12. i'm mostly looking for the 18th but what are the prices of the other tix since your using the 18th
  13. i'm looking to buy 2 tix to the july 18th show in the 100 sections or 200 sections and wondering what you have for that night
  14. where are the seats im looking for tix for the july 18th show
  15. So would it be 800 or 400 total
  16. i'm looking for 2 tix to the july 18th concert in the 200-227 section i know it may be a long shot but the best i can pay is 200$ total
  17. if there still for sale how much are they i'm very intrested
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