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  1. What's this I have been reading that some people are being told GA tickets will not be sent out and will have to be picked up at the venue?


    That's a load of bollix lol  ...I can just see 15000 people lining up in front of a ticketmaster caravan happy.gif

    The only thing i have heard about this is that it is for the Red Zone only. They need to get wrist bands and they enter the stadium through other doors than for general tix.

  2. [quote name='mad.gifmad.gifNniixx wrote:

    zlatucka']She has them also to NRL games, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Powderfinger, Eagles, Michael Buble, Rugby Union, Muse, Blondie, Ashes Cricket etc etc

    She probably sees it as a perk of her job, but I bet it probably breaches the rules of he job.


    Although in 2006 when I bought tickets they asked me for a name, address and contact. Probably to stop fraud of some sort.


    She's obviously found ways around it all.


    How about we make it a mssion to track her down and find out where she works and tip off her employer to the fact that she's making huge sums of money illegally.



    Hehe i would love to. Hate people that abuse the system, and also take advantage of those people who miss out. arking up GA tix by almost 100% is ridiculous. Plus scalping is illegal.

    i don't how to get around it without purchasing a ticket and finding out where it originated. It sucks. There isn't even a relevant option to report the seller.


  3. i subscribed yesterday and was issued with a presale code. now when i log onto purchase my tickets it saying i need a password. i have tried the access code and its being rejected? what do i do?

    all new subscribers aren't able to partake in this pre-sale, yours is on the 30th Aug. This has been re-iterated numersou times around the boards here.

    Poor Baja is sick of saying it over and over i think.

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