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  1. Losing a sib sucks mate ... never gets easier
  2. Pretty awesome company too in 1960 the contraceptive pill and Ayrton Senna!
  3. I found Bono where I least expected him.... on a tin of Sardines in the Azores! Get Outlook for iOS
  4. This just popped up on my Facebook memories 360 @ Wembley Stadium.. This means a decade has passed since U2 360.... how the hell did that happen!? Oh and phone cameras have improved a lot in the intervening decade!
  5. 3 weeks of annual leave start now.... I wanna be Azored...
  6. What is it ? A home generator to beat the post Brexit power chaos that began today?
  7. How about...no I’m actually Mick Hucknall.... which reminds me ....I hate simply red too...* *thinks to self ....maybe I do have an anti ginger agenda....
  8. Don’t worry, when I had hair I looked like Gary Barlow... when he was the fat one in the band!
  9. One man a guitar and a loop peday and insipid love songs is insanely popular. it was the most boring concert I have been to
  10. Content .... been with my wife for 19 years and she’s still my favouritest person to spend time with. Blessed
  11. I social media ‘unfriended’ a former work colleague who kept on posting closet rascist posts about immigration. the daft twunt works with at least 2 doctors from India.... idiot - you are the weakest link.. goodbye!
  12. Happily married for 15 years today, if I had my time again I’d make exactly the same choice.
  13. Cricket every time......
  14. Needs some rain so sir Cliff can sing......
  15. Think Welsh The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 tonight!
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