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  1. https://lh-st.com/shows/05-04-2020-inhaler/ May the 4th be with Inhaler @Manohlive
  2. Just got back from the gig. they were amazing. A really tight band and Eli definitely plays guitar better than his dad ever has and has huge stage presence and a cracking live voice. they are very reminiscent of early U2, the venue was packed and it was great to see people in their teens and twenties really enjoying a proper rock band. if you get a chance to see them go. You won’t be disappointed! All hail the second coming of Hewson!
  3. He’s movin on up now and his light shines on 😢 RIP to a great producer Andrew Weatherall https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51535685
  4. Maybe the people of the UK need to look at how the media turn on celebrities/ politicians and publicly destroy them for profit and seek better informed platforms to get their news from.
  5. RIP Caroline Flack. Another victim of the toxic UK press ( and the UKs passion for celebrity ‘gossip’)
  6. I haven’t got the words but I have the title... Monday Muddy Monday...
  7. I laughed In The face of Storm Ciara and went mountain biking... it was ace
  8. Everything you know is wrong..........
  9. Just starting a thread where you can share inspirational stories of human resilience over adversity that put our minor first world problems into perspective. I’ll kick it off with this story about a UK vascular surgeon returning to work after bilateral below knee amputations following sepsis , and how it changed his outlook on the treatment and rehab of his own patients undergoing the same procedure. Mr Neil Hopper I salute you https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-cornwall-51416030/sepsis-amputation-surgeon-back-at-work-after-losing-legs
  10. Back on topic , I think this is a good subscription offer. they can’t please everyone. I didn’t want vinyl and they are still in boxes in a cupboard. However I hope like with the vinyl they offer the dvd as a download option to subscribers which seems a fair option. which reminds me I must renew....
  11. Judge for yourself ^^^^^ good luck to them I say. They have also announced a US tour. I’m sure having a dad in the industry helps but the boy can sing...... sometimes you cant make it on your own number 2
  12. I’m one of those old dad u2 farts seeing them in Cardiff next week. I’ll provide feedback afterwards
  13. According to Peter Kay ‘Blue Ray’ is a bloke who sells dodgy videos down the working mans club!.....
  14. No I’m still Spartacus after all this time.... looking like a true survivor...
  15. I’m Spartacus.........
  16. This thread is the gift that keeps on giving..
  17. Urban dictionary tells me it’s knob or nob Mr way! I won’t provide a link or I might get told off! Back on track mind I’m really looking forward to seeing inhaler to see if the live up to the hype..... (can you see what I did there?!?😉)
  18. Inhaler ....apparently the leads singer’s dad is a bit of a knob.....should be a wheeze😉😉
  19. Wow such rage..... I was hoping for a Betamax or VHS.* *hangs head in shame for having a dvd player i think it’s a good subscriber offer to be fair.
  20. Call Mulder and Scully!! Things are getting strange I’m starting to worry......
  21. Maybe mine will subsequently moved back to........ ........a date so mysterious it doesn’t exist.......
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