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  1. Can’t wait for tonight ! Just on the train now, arriving into Piccadilly shortly...... Lets hope for ‘one of those amazing nights’......
  2. carlhancox

    Manchester 2 Meet Up

    Hey guys.......great response, sounds like there will be a good group of us in town during Saturday afternoon. And thanks Bigwave......the Hard Rock Cafe from 3pm sounds like an ideal place and time for a bit of a get together.....hopefully with enough of us in there, we might be able to influence their sound system for the afternoon..... For anybody else in town from midday on Saturday, I think we’ll be heading towards Mulligans Irish Bar in Deansgate, which is about a 10-15 min walk from Hard Rock, and from the arena. Hope to see you all, and stay in touch on here over the weekend. For those going tomorrow, have a fantastic time ! Not long now !
  3. carlhancox

    RED Zone pick up of tickets/Wristbands

    SpongeBob, I had an email 2 days ago relating specifically to Red Zone ticket holders, for Manchester 2. It’s basic collection instructions, and a reminder to take all ID and the card that was used for the purchase. For Manchester 2, Red Zone pickup is from 1730 and the tent / kiosk will be set up in Manchester Victoria Station, which is adjacent to the arena. There are detailed maps and diagrams within the email to show you exactly where to go. The email is sent from ‘Red Zone U2 E&I Tour’ Elizabeth Lyons.
  4. For anyone going to Manchester 2 on Sat 20th October, would you be interested in a pre show meet up somewhere in the city ? We are a large group travelling up from the Midlands, arriving in the city around midday, and we just thought it would be a great idea to see if there was any interest in a fan gathering in a pub, maybe near to the arena ? There are a few Irish bars not too far away, and if there was enough interest, we were thinking of making contact and hopefully getting a bar to host a pre show meet up, playing U2’s music and having a great time before heading off to the show. With enough interest, we could even try and maybe sort some live music out..... Just an idea....let me know if you’re in town and interested !
  5. Hi, interested to hear the outcome of this one if possible ? I had a very similar situation yesterday, my girlfriend is an Innocence Member, and Eventim account holder. She used her membership code and her Eventim account to buy 2 tickets in yesterday’s pre sale, but she used our joint card for payment - which is the same card that I used for my Experience presale purchase 24 hours earlier - again I have a separate Eventim account. The ONLY thing that is the same is the payment card. Is this likely to cause an issue. (Tickets were purchased for the same Manchester show). Thank you for any advice or knowledge.
  6. carlhancox

    Manchester 20th Presale

    There was a fault on the Manchester link overnight. Thanks to this fault being reported by the mods, the Manchester link was corrected prior to today’s presale. For Manchester, the link should redirect you to Eventim. Definitely create an account / profile with Eventim, if you are waiting for tomorrows Innocence presale. I would also get the Eventim app if you are planning to purchase via your mobile phone. Follow the link as normal, via the tours page, and be logged in to your Eventim profile. Have your code ‘copied’ and ready to paste when requested. Then it should take you through to all available tickets. Follow each step with care, and you should be fine. Fingers crossed you get the tickets you want. This morning, Eventim was thankfully a pretty straight forward process. Good luck.
  7. carlhancox

    2nd night rumours

    That’s great info, thanks very much.
  8. carlhancox

    2nd night rumours

    Folks, also going to try for Madrid GA in tomorrow’s pre sale for experience. The ticket link for the first Madrid shows takes you through to Ticketmaster ES - so I take it we have to create another account specifically for TM in Spain ? And to add to that, I’ve only looked on the mobile site so far, but seems like no option to change text to English ? I could probably muddle through the ticket buying process and interpret which tickets I was attempting to buy, just don’t want to make a mistake when going for GA. If anyone (from outside Spain) has any experience of buying for night 1 through TM Spain, would be great to hear how it went. Thanks.
  9. carlhancox

    European Shows Selling Out…

    Do you really think they will play 4 in London this time around ? If they had initially announced 2 dates (eg: like they did for Paris), then I would agree with you, but having only announced 1, and now 1 additional London date, I get the feeling that might be it. Given the ‘2 days on, 2 days off’, that would leave Sat 27th and Sun 28th October free on their schedule, for maybe Dublin or Belfast at a guess ? In saying that, the London O2 remains free on those dates, so you may well be just seems the London ticket sales are a little slow......weekend shows would obviously sell better though.
  10. carlhancox

    See you there!

    Thanks Ally33.
  11. carlhancox

    GA sorted, pretty painless

    Thanks Max, will do.
  12. carlhancox

    GA sorted, pretty painless

    Hi, is it right that the ticket selling agent for O2 London is AXS ??? If this is the case, do you need to register / have an account with AXS to complete the purchase, or can you just checkout without having to do all of that ? I have a Ticketmaster account, but not AXS, and Just want to get things sorted before the Innocence presale tomorrow. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  13. carlhancox

    See you there!

    Well done on getting your tickets..... Quick question in preparation for tomorrow, when you followed the link for Manchester tickets, it takes you to Eventim and not Ticketmaster, is that right ? If this is the case, do you need any sort of account with Eventim to complete the purchase, or are you able to simply select your tickets and checkout as a guest, without any need for registration ?? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. carlhancox


    Yes I’m guessing so. My email clearly states that the window for this CD code to be used is ‘Monday 22nd thru Wednesday 24th’. I was initially planning on keeping it back to wait for additional dates, but I’m thinking it’s best to go with the fine print. I’ll be slightly peeved if I use it on Monday, and then it transpires that I could have kept it back for additional dates (not overly disappointed as getting any tickets I’ll regard as a success obviously)....but if I keep it back and it can’t be used after the 24th, then I only have myself to blame, as the dates for this type of presale code to be used are very clear.
  15. carlhancox


    Yes that’s how it seems... I followed the link just to take a look, and that took me to the dedicated TM page for this specific pre sale, and then there is a drop down list to select the show / location you want tickets for. You select the show, for example, I selected London. It then takes you to a London specific page, and at the moment it just states ‘Tickets Coming Soon’.