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  1. Damn this album! I can't stop listening. The Little Things That Give You Away.... wow. Just wow. The song goes through my head on a continuous loop.
  2. I have listened to SoE several times through now, and somehow I don't know how but the album captures how I feel during the times we are living through.  

    I give it ten thumps up.  

  3. Ticket prices are insane.  The section I sat in last time is now $660 a ticket?!   WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

    $745 for two tickets on the upper level?  SERIOUSLY!?! !

  4. Yep, two tickets at Forum on May 30th. No problems, except I hate the way ticketmaster works. Now I just have to sell a kidney to pay for the $630 bill .
  5. $632 for two tickets, with one days notice.... ouch. I look at is a once every 4 or 5 year expense so that's how I justify it, but man it does sting the wallet...
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