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  1. Thanks everyone for the feeds pics stories posts comments U2 are alive and kicking Long live U2
  2. In a perfect world we should wake up each Saturday morning with U2 concert to listen to live from the Universe
  3. Why the kitty cat band aid? 😁
  4. I got it perfectly right. Just Trying during a presale makes things harder for the actual buyers You make queue longer and you might have grabbed the last 3 ga and someone else might have given up in buying or forced to buy something different πŸ˜‰ I do hope everyone got what was looking for
  5. That's totally unfair towards people trying for real Not to mention you might have invalidate your presale code
  6. Me looking for sponsors πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  7. Never heard of extra or different gift for renewing early
  8. Glen Hansard for me, mid December Then no idea, plenty of shows on the list but it's getting really expensive so I need to think carefully which one is really worth the effort
  9. When you're spoiler free and you realise that... https://youtu.be/e4gns4WhZ9c
  10. Definitely no InEurope we had presale code if we preordered the album on selected websites
  11. For i+e (Red) zones was that far from the sides of the end of catwalk (yeah bad position indeed)
  12. They just cut a long story short since it was possible to get codes paying the subscription on u2.com during the presale I think
  13. I'm pretty sure for quite a few European presales there was no chance of splitting the code (jt tour excluded)
  14. I hope you took a note of the person you talk to, just in case... No problem with expired card between the purchase and the show, just don't give it back, doesn't have to be active to enter the venue
  15. If you can find a seat map l suggest to avoid all those right in front of the main stage: You won't see at all the big screen which runs along the catwalk Plus keep in mind the first row of each level has a small barrier which impeach a full view
  16. First post looks like we knew 12hrs ago
  17. Adding 2 Dublin dates to presale without notice is the cherry on top of this tour presale epic fail
  18. They always had outrageous shipping cost It'ss been more or less the same for 360Β° tour and this year was around 35€ to Italy
  19. I biglietti parterre infatti sicuramente non sono finiti, sono di volta in volta finiti quelli destinati a quella particolare presale (ne sono stati comprati anche oggi durante la presale LN) La fregatura questa volta Γ¨ stata questa, troppi frazionamenti Io non ti ho detto che dovevi aspettare ma solo farti notare che se mi fossi trovata nella tua situazione avrei comprato eventualmente qualcosa che poi avrei tenuto senza andare a chiedere scambi (altrimenti non avrei comprato accettando di rischiare)
  20. Anyway UK is Europe - geographically - and still politically
  21. Io si l'ho ricevuto per tempo ma non l'ho usato perchΓ© aspetto le date irlandesi Sulla tempistica hai ragione PerΓ² se io mi fossi trovata nella tua stessa situazione avrei usato anche il telefono e comunque non avrei comprato biglietti che non ero disposta ad accettare di tenere
  22. Irish dates couldn't be in tour page because there are no dates yet but yes we were in some way alerted. (living in Dublin I saved my code) Fanpages do a big work but still they are not official
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