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  1. I loathe ticketless booking, it's my new pet hate, I have all my U2 tickets in a big framed picture and want to continue to add to them but when I go on this tour I'll get nothing, no memento!, I contacted ticketmaster initially and discussed it with them, tried to change to a ticket option but no chance, it really is a tight operation and I guess you can understand why when people are scalping fans mercilessly, I just hope that when we do turn up to the show we get something other than a wee ink stamp on the hand!! It's balls!!!
  2. The record store day release is excellent, sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish Side A The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) Every Breaking Wave California (There Is No End To Love) Song For Someone Iris Volcano Side B Raised By Wolves Cedarwood Road Sleep Like A Baby Tonight This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now The Troubles Side C Lucifer's Hands The Crystal Ballroom The Troubles (Alternative) Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix) Invisible Side D Acoustic Sessions Every Breaking Wave California (There Is No End To Love) Raised By Wolves Cedarwood Road Song For Someone The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) Busker Version
  3. The year was 1984, Silent Running were a band coming out of Belfast and making a big impression with their debut album 'Shades of Liberty' They were playing in a venue in Glasgow called 'Night Moves' & myself and some friends decided to travel through to see them. We were barely teenagers at the time & money was limited so in orderto assure my child fare on the bus through to Glasgow I took my birth lines with me, The venue was licensed so we then had to act all mature and 18 to get in, ridiculous looking back with us thinking wmaturity was lowering the tone of your voice to a deeper scale & talking about girls and drink loudly whilst looking the age we actually were....and rather silly. By hook or by crook we got into the gig (our age was immaterial the venue just wanted our money) The band were superb, the gig has long lived in my memory. I met Mick McNiel of Simple Minds (at that time) fame and got his autograph on a small piece of scrap paper & was delighted, Then out of the blue Silent Running appeared & obviously I wanted their autographs but i had no paper....So i handed over my official birthlines which caused much humour with the band, however as they asked me my name, in the chaos someone shouted 'WALLY!!' (which kind of means idiot) at someone in the crowd of autograph hunters who was pushing from behind me & they thought this was my name so signed my birthlines, etched for all eternity as ' To Wally..' As you can imagine when i got home & my parents discovered my defaced birthlines they were not best pleased (but did see the funny side re 'Wally') the downside of this is anytime i have to produce my birthlines for any official purpose I am nearly always asked 'Who's Wally?' ....life can be cruel
  4. The architect was a Long term essential collaborator with U2 on their live shows (ZooTv, Popmart,360) http://www.u2.com/media/index/mediaplayer/mediaId/462/type/video/setId/38 http://www.stufish.com/
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