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  1. On New Year's Day, two hearts beat as one and like a song, I rejoice because you said a day without me, in another time, another place would be like a stranger in a strange land. Angel of Harlem, I trip though through your wires like a drowning man and maybe one day we will promenade by the ocean, under an Indian summers sky, in Gods country.
  2. I agree with most that has been written. To me, it has taken too long and frankly unfair on fans waiting for the new music. Look at Springsteen .... Releases music, does tours, releases more music,does more tours. He gets on with it. There was a real good vibe about the band in the past couple of months - I just hope it wasn't for the Oscars!!!! The Fallon performance was amazing and I could feel are great buzz. And now this..... We have heard not just rumours but real words.....and now this. At a minimum, we need to know the current state of play. Bono talks about thanking fans for the great life they have.....but with that comes responsibility. We need to know what's happening. Larry doesn't say much but when he does, it's straight to the point and is generally a necessary intervention. Yet all we have now is the RS article which is I would tend to believe. Look at what Beyoncé did recently, and now Coldplay. Relevance and confidence are key. The band REALLY seem to be struggling with both. Bono remains at the forefront of RED etc and I have no doubt that he sees this as being for the greater good. He is correct but his focus and activities are OUR and MUSICs loss. If that where he sees the future, let's call it as it is and not raise my expectations. The new album is now clearly a vision over visibility.
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