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  1. kerber 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    OK...I saw someone post about this somewhere, sorry if I didn't pay attention, but I resubscribed to get the whole Verified process going, and before I resubscribed, I had successfully "redeemed" my gift (the four albums). Now, I am looking today, and it says I did not redeem for the albums. Do I have to redeem to get those in December? Leave it alone so I get the yet-to-be announced 2018 gift? Here is what my account says now....
  2. This s by far the best song this tour, IMO. It has such a different life now than decDes ago...
  3. So, any trick to getting the Instagram photos to show? This live thread is cool!
  4. kerber

    ONLY VIP package showing

    WTH - I am only getting VIP package options, won't let me in Red Hill with my Red Hill code for presale, Minneapolis, HELP!
  5. ...power to the freaking people!
  6. Thanks mods for all you do - hard being the messenger.
  7. oooooo, I forgot all about the Larry letter!
  8. This is what it looks like - I can get in for VIP
  9. Same here....keep at it
  10. Ok, I PMd Big Wave, talking to Mich40 Minneapolis, I can't get a GA, talked to TM told me allocated GA sale for today met....blah blah blah
  11. kerber

    ONLY VIP package showing

    MODS - got a number for TM? This is ridiculous, I only want 1 freaking GA
  12. Mich-I had two friends on non-RZ backstage tour...might've been them...Facebook message the photo if you could - guy/girl tall blonde, guy with glasses...
  13. try clearing out the history in your browser
  14. kerber

    GA or Red Zone?

    This made me giggle a bit
  15. kerber

    Holiday card

    From the album: messing around

    MSG IE
  16. kerber

    messing around

  17. kerber


    Venue Setlist prediction: SOE one night...JT the next night...
  18. kerber

    Where In The World are U2 ?

    And finally the studio (HQ?) video we've been waiting for and the official announcement... .Looks like Edge caught fire and has exploded !!!! Red guitar...on fire...
  19. Can you imagine living in the housing behind in the hills....DREAM
  20. Itching for a U2 moment...