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  1. Got this from BOK this morning.
  2. Can you participate in both pre-sales if you are a fan club member and have a Citi Card?
  3. Anyone know where the band will enter? Would like to wait for possible photo/autograph. Thanks
  4. Looks like a load of tickets still remain for KC show. Crazy that I can still get multiple GA tix. Hopeful for a sellout. Want to keep U2 coming back to KC. The Dallas show was great.
  5. Anyway to determine cost of tickets and packages prior to actual pre-sale?

    1. bigwave


      check out prices from http://www.u2.com/presale links

  6. So, this official from ATT? We attended show in Denver and line was fan staffed. We got good numbers, but that didn't stop others without numbers getting in front of us. Would be great if it were official. Counting down.
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