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  1. From the album: Lance A Schart

    The first time I met Bono, outside HQ on a "dirty day in Dublin Town", December 1999.

    © Lance A Schart

  2. From the album: Lance A Schart

    Just before I saved the car as the automation garage door was coming dow in the roof of The Edge's vintage Merc.

    © Lance A Schart

  3. From the album: Lance A Schart

    Bono hugging my wife at HQ, the day he lost his laptop while recording The Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack.

    © Lance A Schart

  4. From the album: Lance A Schart

    The day I saved The Edge's Merc from being crushed by the HQ garage door...

    © Lance A Schart

  5. @LanceASchart: Blew off meetings, sped to @93XRT (old) west side HQ to meet @ElvisCostello. Very genial! #unforgettablegig @U2 http://t.co/LxBnb5K60x
  6. @LanceASchart: Ditched conference, bought cheap ticket, jumped barrier, worked way up 3rd row at #RayCharles @u2 #unforgettablegig http://t.co/QfNJcYXiMO
  7. @LanceASchart: Fake VIP lanyards got über pregnant wife (10 days to birth), 5 y/o son & I into VIP section #U2 360 Chicago! #unforgettablegig http://t.co/jybclYUEwo
  8. @LanceASchart: Met indomitable @BillClinton during '92 election. Didn't vote for him, but I probably would now #unforgettablegig @U2 http://t.co/6xli8VrSvJ
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