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  1. Like many fans, I got an email last night stating that I would get a presell code then got another email two hours later stating that I wouldn't get a code. Today, I had been dialing all day, and after spending 20 minutes on hold, finally got to talk to someone. The operator reviewed my account and said that even though I was "verified" in the "experience group" that I wasn't guaranteed to receive a code because it was a random drawing. She also said that U2 had to abide by Ticketmasters's rules. This caveat that the presell code would be based upon random drawing was never stated on the website. See: Fans like me that didn't get a code are not rolled into the "innocence group" so will have to buy a ticket with everyone else unless you want to sign up for a Citicard. No thanks. Now I can either try to get bad tickets with the general public or overpay for scalped tickets - which is what U2 was trying to avoid along. See: