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  1. delacey

    U2 MTV Presents

    have a god time on sat - i wish i could be there. -i'm sure everyone's dsappointment will be forgotten once we move forwards with the new album and tour
  2. delacey

    U2 MTV Presents

    my friend - given that you appear to have gotten tickets - maybe you should let discretion be the better part of valour....
  3. delacey

    U2 MTV Presents

    i think you've missed the point - the suggestion was that tickets should be distributed in way which is not a prize draw but instead reflects the financial outlay and time that folk have devoted to U2.. its always a difficult one - but would be nice to have a subscribers only show! like bowie used to do for bowienetters...
  4. delacey

    HELP! Can't buy tickets (London - O2) (MERGED)

    I've had no luck through axs either - i get a "skeleton" page ie purchase page doesn't load properly
  5. delacey

    Where are our pre-sale codes? (MERGED)

    nothing here in London either...