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  1. You guys are hardcore. Can't believe already 100 in the line!
  2. So does anyone have a good feel for the stage and best areas to view? I will be in line for the GA and can't wait. First show of tour, so many questions. When are people lining up?
  3. duder

    GA line up question for Vancouver shows

    So obviously there are 2 entries, is that right? There are both south and north tickets. I have tickets for the second night, so maybe i will have to go on here the day before and hope all you kind folks can update whats happening
  4. duder

    GA line up question for Vancouver shows

    My tickets also say N-FLR. I plan on getting in line Friday am, so hopefully we get this all figured out for where to line up. Maybe I will have to go by there Thursday afternoon so I know. Any word on opening acts for Vancouver?