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  1. Certainly do remember it. I was a volunteer for Amnesty International at the time and a few of their very lucky members (me included) managed to get into the premier in Leicester Square, London. The whole band were there and a host of other celebs too. Not so lucky this time, ho hum. But then I'd have a world of trouble trying to get to Dublin with this much notice. Enjoy, you lucky people!
  2. PeterM1

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Any news of fan meet ups close to the venue? I'm hoping to be there early afternoon for Tuesday then very early for Wednesday as I will be heading for the GA line
  3. PeterM1

    GA Process

    The O2 Arena website states that it can hold up to 2,200 on the arena floor. With the stage configuration for U2 I would guess that capacity would be at least halved. It's my first time in GA at a U2 gig for several decades so it is a BIG unknown quantity for me! On the plus side I'm aiming to get there for around 07:00am and I'm 6ft2" tall so I should have a pretty good view
  4. PeterM1

    GA Process

    Hi I'll be going to both nights at the O2. Seated on the Tuesday then GA on the Wednesday. I was thinking of joining the GA queue after the Tuesday gig and staying there all night but will I be able to collect a numbered wrist band at some stage on Tuesday then return to the queue on Wednesday after a good nights sleep?
  5. PeterM1

    U2 MTV Presents

    Original email from Ticketmaster stated:- "If successfully drawn, you will be contacted by email on Wednesday 8 November, which will include a one-time-use unique code and link to obtain up to 2 tickets." Do you have links deactivated in your email client?
  6. PeterM1

    U2 MTV Presents

    ... Sorry, better luck next time Unfortunately you haven't been lucky this time in the MTV Presents Trafalgar Square ballot. There just weren’t enough tickets available for this event to meet the overwhelming demand from fans. However, make sure you keep an eye on your emails, as if not all the fans selected in the ballot redeem their tickets, there could be extra tickets released.
  7. PeterM1

    U2 MTV Presents

    Same here . Strange mix of nervousness & excitement. I thought they mentioned something about emails going out at around midday, or did I dream that
  8. Just read Ticketmaster FAQs regarding presale: Q: Can I register for #VerifiedFan from outside the U.S. + Canada? A: Yes,you can register for #VerifiedFan from outside the U.S. + Canada but only for the U.S. + Canada tour dates. However, I do agree; A Mod MUST make this clear please
  9. I've had the same email. Can a Mod confirm that we can definitely wait to connect our UK Ticketmaster account to access the European presales please?
  10. PeterM1

    U2 MTV Presents

    Anyone else just had an email from Ticketmaster to enter a ballot for tickets to see U2 performance in Trafalgar Square, London this Saturday? Excited much !
  11. My problem is I have a 30 year old sweatshirt #Roasting
  12. Just can't describe how excited I am. It's like all my Christmases are coming at once! May not sleep that well tonight I'm so hyper
  13. That's pretty much what I was told when I phoned this morning. Also, for those driving there, Rugby road will be closed to traffic from around 16:30
  14. I was checking pictures of the GA queue for Cleveland and there were people with backpacks, handbags, carrier bags, etc. There is no way they could object to carrier bags outside the stadium. The issue would be if they aren't providing anyone to do a "bag check" once you are inside. I'll get clarification on this tomorrow. Elsewhere on the Twickenham website I noticed the following regarding security measures... "Any fans planning their trip should allow extra time to access the stadium and avoid bringing bags where possible."
  15. Totally agree. My wife is disabled and needs all kind of meds, water, sunscreen, etc. with her. Basically way to much to carry in pockets. I'll give the venue a call tomorrow to get the low down on this and post their response here.