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  1. Just now, Max Tsukino said:

    As mentioned in the FAQ and the email sent, the code is valid for up to 4 tickets in one transaction...

    Yes I get that I have my presale code it's been used for 2 tickets in Sydney should be ok to buy 1 in Manila and it's saying invalid .. now page won't even load #FAIL


    21 minutes ago, heshanp said:

    lol I'm also waiting for that.. but by this saturday if they do not announce another show, im going to go for Manila. Can't lose out on the manila show if they dont add another. and given the fact that manila GA floor is very small and limited tickets im pretty sure GA will be finished soon. so cant take that risk of waiting days after the pre-sales are over. 

    I guess I am going the same route and may just try and sell my Seoul ticket; not sure yet

  3. 17 hours ago, ddarroch said:

    I guess there's a lot of hopeful people. I agree it's wishful thinking, & very unlikely the will be another show, but you never know. The seats (which were very low capacity compared to other venues) sold out quickly. The GA's which is pretty large, like most venues has been a slow burn, even the front GA wasn't particularly quick.

    Yeah, given the Chinese government's stance an human rights, there's a good chance U2 wouldn't want to play there. In any casez it's almost a certainty that they wouldn't be allowed to perform in China. As they performed at the Tibetan Freedom festival.

    I get hopeful just unlikely at this point I'd think..  Good point(s) on China but they (U2) also try and break the barriers so I figured they might play but your point on Tibet is definitely valid. 

    I just thought a month tour was awfully short given the production so thought maybe China, or extending to South Africa, South America, etc. Maybe they will slow boat the production for a few shows in 2020

  4. 19 hours ago, ballardmama said:

    Just 622 rear GA tickets left.  A slow go, but more sell every day.  Since everything except rear GA sold very quickly, you'd think Live Nation would reconfigure or reprice those tickets to sell the show out.  Seems like there was a great demand for everything except those rear GA that are numbered.  I'm wondering when Live Nation is going to make the call to add a second show or not add another show.  What a shame for Korean fans if U2 ends up only playing one night there after all these years of waiting.  

    I'm still hoping....

    Little confused on this thread with the count down on how many GA tickets are available. Given the show didn't sell out quickly and there are still tickets why would the promoter i.e Live Nation invest in a 2nd show there and have it not sell well especially when it's the last show. My guess is by now they have all the logistics set for that being the end but given it's 4 months away, maybe not. I am still surprised there was no show in Beijing or Shanghai but guess they didn't want to play China 

  5. 15 minutes ago, sukhjitkamal said:

    There has been new info, or at least info to re confirm that Singapore is happening. 


    In an email sent this morning 

    "Here are the dates, cities and countries (date and venue information for Singapore coming soon)."

    Don't panic. The same thing happened with Dublin and Belfast in 2018.

    Where? I know when it is slated to but no confirmations or anything at this point that I have seen

  6. Just now, Max Tsukino said:

    Unknown at the moment... it's possible that it's similar as in North America/Europa/Latin America/etc and the number it's merely a form of # control for the ticketing agencies; but it's possible that it's similar to K-POP Shows in Korea and shows in Japan, in which - if you are going standing - the spot you select will determine your order of entry into the venue...

    We will need to wait for more information about this...

    Thanks Max.. I figured as much so I chose a low number in case as I imagine GA still has no seats

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