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  1. Nothing available in GA for ANY show I've checked, specifically MSG and NJ shows. 

    1. vertgpu2


      Same issue here..very disappointed with this whole system!

    2. pegmju2


      Seems like something didn't translate correctly......in what universe do a huge number of U2 fans NOT want GA?   I thought this whole new verified fan thing was to make it easier for us to get our GA.   Where's my WTF emoji?


    3. vertgpu2


      exactly my sentiments...they better do something to fix this fiasco!

  2. Has ANYONE pulled GA in today's (Wednesday's) presale for US shows?

    1. jamiectone


      I'm thinking that GA tickets were not made available for the pre-sale.  I looked for GA in STL, Chicago, and Nashville and nothing on any of them.  I ended up getting tickets for STL, but paid more than I wanted.

    2. pegmju2


      thx for the response....I ended up buying bupkis.   


  3. Been trying for 40 minutes....nothing, nada, zip, zero.   So much for being a FC member and subscriber.....


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