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    U2 dreams

    I have had dozens of dreams over the years about U2. Usually around tour time, or after watching videos of them before bed. The best are when I get a tiny show, like in a school auditorium, or when I just hang out with the band and become one of their friends - though they always slip away and disappear without ever saying goodbye! Once I even got Adam's cell phone number in a dream! One of my favorites was sitting and having a long talk with Bono about politics and organizing, and all the work he's done, and my telling him what a gift he is to the world and, he perked up and said "Really? You really think I'm that good? That means so much to me."
  2. Here's a video of a performance, 1992 or so, of Adam when he played with the traditional musician Sharon Shannon. Adam is interviewed at 2:30, and they all play at 5:43.
  3. I am sorry you and your wife had that experience. I had almost the same exact experience at a Boston show in 2015. It was so upsetting and rattling. I tried not to let it ruin my show but it was really hard.
  4. Yes, of the four I saw - both Bostons, Newark, and MSG3, which were all phenomenal - this was hands-down the best.
  5. The first night I saw 13, right from the E stage, I had the same waterworks. So beautifully and tenderly staged.
  6. Every spot is great! They spend a lot of time on the main stage, and 6 or 7 songs on E stage, and a few more Bono is at E stage, and some time on the cat walk!
  7. I know I've read here and other places that Mohegan Sun holds back tickets for high rollers and tribe members...and since it seems that no one on earth is in possession of a GA ticket....are folks planning to just keep hoping/checking for a drop, or just showing up at the venue on the day of and hoping for luck? I'd really like to go, and in fact I'd really like to trade my Newark GA ticket for it, though I realize there is no one to trade with, LOL.
  8. Oh! I love Sweet Fire of Love! I used to listen to that all the time! I'd say my faves are The Ground Beneath Her Feet and In the Name of the Father
  9. Oh wow. I cannot remember the last time I saw something with so many closeups of Larry. Thank you for sharing!! That was great!
  10. JCF

    Fan gatherings on Friday night?

    I'll be doing the GA line but I second the Joshua Tree band! I go see them every few months in NH and they are great.
  11. Except that a few years ago, Bono had talked about it being a trilogy. This was from a 2014 Rolling Stone article. Not that I am holding Bono to something he blabbed to Rolling Stone 4 years ago, LOL! ("Shootin' off my mouth, that's another great thing about me") Bono is already promising a follow-up album to Songs of Innocence, called Songs of Experience, that he'd like to have out as soon as 18 months from now. "We're hoping Songs of Experience will be less about intimacy," says bassist Adam Clayton, "and more about a celebration of sorts." The band's tentative plans are to take the indoor Songs of Innocence tour outside once the second album comes out. And there's another twist: In 2009, Bono promised that U2 would quickly follow up No Line on the Horizon with a more meditative companion album, Songs of Ascent. There has been no sign of it since, but Bono now sees it as the third part of the trilogy. "Songs of Ascent will come," he promises. "And there are some beautiful songs." That said, I am in no rush and respect whatever time they want to take to rest and let the creative juices simmer! But I just love imagining what a U2 album named Songs of Ascent would sound like.
  12. I hear you on Coldplay. They don't stir me deeply - I just like listening to them, and really like X & Y start to finish. I, too, regret never seeing the Talking Heads! I saw David Byrne by himself in a small theater in Ithaca, NY in the 90s, but not the band. A few times I have gotten to see Stop Making Sense at a movie theater and it's so incredible. I like later DM too!! I just get especially happy when I listen to the early stuff. I'll agree about Fez and Cedars having that sound. Yesterday in the car my little one asked for, instead of Les Mis, "That U2 song where they sing 'You are....walking on. You and I are....walking on.'" How cute. Why, yes, five-year-old, I'd be happy to play American Soul for you! And yes, I bet most of us here are over 40!
  13. I love the group shot - the way Bono is standing, looks like he thinks he won the game!
  14. Also, I love this quote: This is for the fans of our more recent work, the more committed fans who really listen to everything and go to everything. We feel OK about that."
  15. Good, Edge. Take some time, boys, and let those ideas for new records simmer and feed those creative instincts! I look forward to whatever is next. Though I have to say, I'm not in a huge rush. As far as hungry fans go, I feel like SOE has given me plenty to keep me happy and full for a long time!
  16. Foster the People, Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, early Depeche Mode and Coldplay X&Y. I am so musically lazy in my advanced age (over 30, ok over 40, too), I just listen to free Pandora stations - I have an Arcade Fire one and a Roxy Music one and they give me all those listed plus plenty more that I don't really know but enjoy! Love the Cure but never listen to them anymore, and used to listen to all albums of Pink Floyd but haven't in a long time. I get that Bono quote about their Pink Floyd side. Velvet Dress comes to mind, maybe. I have two young kids who are not into pop music, but into musicals, so lately we listen to Les Mis all the time!! Not really a pick me up, kind of the opposite, but I love it nonetheless.
  17. Ah, that makes sense. Backstage. I love that Bono was making sure of everyone's score. He seems so hilarious. And I find it funny that Larry didn't play - I think I remember him saying in some interviews that he would never, ever play golf. Maybe he meant it?
  18. JCF

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I ran out of "like" buttons for the day.....but..yeah!!!
  19. JCF

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I love that Adam says in the recent Rolling Stone interview that they have rehearsed and would love to add The Showman (dang, it's so clever and true and funny and brilliant) and Landlady. "We're 10 dates into it and we're trying to include as many as possible from the new record. There's still a couple of them we haven't really dug into, but we'd like to perform. "The Showman" is something we rehearsed up early on. We just managed to get "Red Flag Day" in, but we'd like to get "Landlady" in too. There's some other colors that we'd like to add, but we aren't there yet."
  20. Thanks for sharing! I have had many dreams of random social interactions with various members of the band -- yours was actually true! That's so lovely to hear about them, how they were into it. I have never, ever heard any reports of any of the 4 of them being rude to fans. They are just such genuinely nice men, in addition to being blindingly talented/hardworking. Did someone set up the course outside the venue, or did you meet at an actual mini golf place? Can't wait for the pic or two. Good for you for not spending the night taking pics, but just experiencing it. Did you finish the game?? Who won???? LOL
  21. JCF

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Depeche Mode for me, too! I have thought of starting a thread something along the lines of "Does any other band even come close, live?" I am a one-band girl, for the most part, but I have always really liked Depeche Mode and have heard that their live shows and fans are the only thing that rival U2 in terms of fan adoration...so I'm going to their Boston show on June 9! First time ever seeing them! 4th arena show ever in my life beyond U2! (Others were Grateful Dead so many years ago....Paul Simon even more years ago...and Arcade Fire last fall.) So anyway, DM is my only other show besides U2 this year. I'm excited. Arcade Fire last fall were great. Honestly, their physical energy on stage made U2 look like they play their shows in a coma! But for me the experience was a tiny fraction of the luminous, transcendent experience of a U2 show. The only two live shows that ever came close for me were Rusted Root in the 90s and Arrested Development at a tiny venue in Cambridge, MA in 2003. I'd love to see Foster the People sometime. I couldn't get to their Cambridge show this past fall....and, oh my goodness, I just looked and saw that they are playing in my home state, NH, this summer! But it's the night before the first Boston show and I will be down in MA, doing the hardcore GA queue thing! Aargh! Hopefully I'll get to see them soon. Will this be your first time seeing DM, dmway? Wait, does the DM in your screen name have to do with Depeche Mode?
  22. JCF

    I hope he's OK.

    Wow, yeah, I hope he's not sore, and our guy did not miss a single beat!!
  23. So exciting!! Have fun! Can’t wait to hear!
  24. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure they did. At least, at the shows I attended in the US northeast, they did.