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  1. Hiya, if these are still available, what date are they for? Have been looking for a potential swap for seated tickets for the 17/9 (tomorrow).
  2. Dear all, I've got 3 seated tickets for Stockholm #2 (September 17) that I'm interested in swapping for GAs. I'd be happy to swap just 2 of them (two of my party are dying to do GA whereas one person is happy with either) if that suits anyone better. The seated tickets are in the same price category as the GA. Regards and very excited for the show!
  3. Hi ATone, Are you still interested in swapping these tickets? We've got two seated tickets that are unfortunately not right next to each other, but directly behind each other at the end of a row (with a couple of rows in between - these were the best tickets I was able to get in the general onsale) that I would consider swapping for two GAs for Stockholm September 17. Regards.
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