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  1. No card swipe this morning for wristbands. They stated that the full party is required, but no one asked "How many in your party?" before issuing wristbands. They will swipe CCs this afternoon prior to entry.
  2. TM parking does not allow in&out, correct? Just single use? So I'll need to find a place nearby to park for check in & hope it doesn't take too long so that my car gets towed, I guess? Anyone got better ideas?
  3. What is everyone planning to do about parking? I doubt local businesses will allow parking, even those that open their lots after typical business hours for events (like concerts & Rangers games). So -- carpooling? Shared Uber from a common drop location? Suggestions? After seeing them twice GA-style on the 360° Tour, I'm bringing my teenage son for this one. It will be his first big-time rock show, so we're both super excited & want to get close to the rail or the walkway. We were planing on showing up around noon, but sounds like earlier is better, at least to get line-position numbers? Also interested in a fan meetup, if that materializes. Will keep an eye on the message boards. Just over 1 week away --- can't wait!!!!
  4. Bono crossing the bridge on stage right during City of Blinding Lights. Norman, OK
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