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  1. Poland (finally) !!! Rumors about Krakow Arena - 2 shows....
  2. Hi All, I had a bad luck a week ago during basketball game and have broken one of my right short arm bones. In consequence, I got a plaster of paris on it, which must stay for at least 4-5 weeks. Unfortunately, this means that I will go for U2 in Berlin with such secured hand and have a question now, if there could be any problems with entering venue due to potentially "dangerous" stuff I can bring in... I mean, if stewards at gates control may think I can hurt someone with my arm in hard and heavy plaster or they will not be able to inspect what is behind that plaster they may consider that I am trying to sneak a knife or anything else and do not let me in... I don't know what to think and if I should be worrried or not. Have tried to get answer from ticketmaster.de where I bought my tics, I wrote also to livenation.de , but I got no responses so far... Is there anyone who has similar experience and had any issues with getting into venue or all went fine?
  3. OK. Waiting time is over :-) Received my tics, today C'u in Berlin very, very soon
  4. Lucky you. I am still waiting for mine. By the way. Have u received shiping notification prior delivery or just tickets brought to door by forwarder?
  5. I know, but that's theory. I am hoping they will start to dispatch much earlier.
  6. Refreshing topic. Have anyone got already a fan/collector ticket from ticketmaster.de presale?
  7. I have read at local U2 forum, that one person has already received tics. These were in regular printed version (not fan/collector ticket).
  8. I have it, already. It is visible in your account settings.
  9. Yes. It is very easy and vendors do not need to share any personal data across the countries , but only transaction numbers linked with pre-sale codes. I know that many of us can be upset with an actually set tickets limit at 2 pcs only (reduced from 4 when comparing to earlier tours), which is a separate story and issue for debate, but I hate people who has acknowledged terms & rules of U2.com or tickets vendors and knew they can buy only 2 , but still trying to ignore those and buy more tickets using same code. I really hope, LN do such cross-check and cancel doubled transactions. And will not regret such folks at all !
  10. And certainly, they will do it ! When looking for a methods in which they are selling tickets (especially for GA stands) and ways of controls at the entrances, I am absolutely sure that they will also do very precise check of all used pre-sale codes and in case of found doubles, they will cancel one or maybe even all transactions... So if you need another ticket(s), after you have already used own code , then ask your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mum, tad , Santa Claus , friend , whoever to buy a 2nd subscription and then grab those in official way. Otherwise, when they catch you on cheating (or breaking the rules), you may not see any gig in return as penalty.
  11. IMHO, a 2nd pre-sale code for just now renewed subscription would be not fair to many other fans who did renewals, for example, in advance few days (week) ago despite their accounts for this year were not expired, yet. For example, I did it in such way, when only new gift has been announced (what maybe let me become one of the first fans who gets it when only available early next year...) despite my 2014 sub was still valid till next week. So, I do not feel as "cheated" not having 2 codes... Otherwise it would lead to situations in which everyone could extend accounts for many years ahead, what should bring benefits in same numbers of new pre-sales codes...
  12. Berlin 2 tickets for 25/09 - seated - absolutely hassle free process Yeah !
  13. I am going, too 5 years of waiting and +1 to go , but it is still worth it !!!
  14. I hope this time will happen same way. However, level of frustration raises very fast when the messages published on official pages do not state the same, but only info we get codes and also can see them. Just 3h20mins to pre-sales in Europe, left... I am starting to be very nervous...
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