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  1. flagrassa

    GA Process

    If it was Chicago, New York, or Boston, I would be worried. In Tampa, I showed up toward the end of the opening act and still got within 8 people from the end of the Joshua Tree stage.
  2. flagrassa

    U2 Fan Gathering in Tampa?

    Thanks. We are staying in Tampa, just north of there. This is quiete helpful.
  3. flagrassa

    U2 Fan Gathering in Tampa?

    Thanks. Other cities have gatherings at a bar the night before, with perhaps a U2 cover band. Oh well.
  4. Is there anything happening in Tampa for a pre-show for fan gathering?
  5. flagrassa

    What time has the band been arriving at the UC?

    They have been arriving between 3-4pm for the sound check. If you want the rail, you need to arrive at the loading dock on the west end of the UC around 1pm.
  6. flagrassa

    Credit card entry question - GA Chicago

    As long as your husband is an authorized user of the credit card used for purchase, you can use it to get in. You must be an authorized user as well.
  7. flagrassa

    Fan Meetup Denver

    Actually it came up on Ticketmaster when I did a search for U2 shows. Another good place to look is @U2.com or atu2.com. They have a calendar of U2 shows, which includes U2 cover-bands as well. You will find it on the home page under @U2 Calendar. Click full calendar and search by month (ironically, the UABRS show is not listed -so it is not all-inclusive).
  8. flagrassa

    Fan Meetup Denver

    The Hard Rock Café in downtown Denver on Friday 06/05. A U2 cover-band (Under A Blood Red Sky) is playing @ 10pm. The cover is around $15.
  9. flagrassa

    Chicago #2 GA Swap

    I have 2 extra GA's for Chicago #5. Would like to swap for 2 GA's Chicago #2.
  10. flagrassa

    Toronto #2 GA Swap

    I have an extra GA for Denver #2 & Chicago #5 . Would like to trade either one for a GA Toronto #2.
  11. flagrassa

    Trade GA Tix

    Thanks. Things have sure changed, even since the 360 tour. Hopefully someone will figure it out. Just a diehard fan who wants to trade, not make a profit.
  12. flagrassa

    Trade GA Tix

    I have an extra GA for Chicago #4 show (06/29). Want to trade it for a GA for Chicago #2 (06/25). Any suggestions on how to pull it off since they can only be picked up at will call the day of the show???