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  1. Same as a few people, My RED HILL code was used for 2 tickets, I should have 2 left. It won't unlock ANY ticket types for San Diego. It's 3am here in Australia, I got up just to do this. Seriously disappointing and don't want to wake the whole household calling TM or U2.com. Plus why should I have to pay international call rates to be on hold for hours. This is not a good experience.
  2. I was able to use my pre-sale code without any problems for the LA shows, it was a very easy experience and within 15min I had purchased. Got 1 GA for 26 May and 1 Red Zone for 27 May. I am also coming from Australia. Now going to try to get Red Zone for Phoenix on 23 May during the general sale. Keen to get an LA fan community going as I will be by myself at these shows and would be great to meet some fellow U2 fans. Cheers Angela
  3. I got Red Zone 1 for the second LA Show (27 May) and when it maps on the Ticketmaster map it's the one on the left side, so looks like that might be Edge's.... I hope so.
  4. Ah ok that makes sense. I'm in Australia and want to buy for the LA shows. So looks like 3am for me!!!
  5. The faq says local, is this pst or est? Anyone find the answer.
  6. I have been a member forever but sadly had a 6 month break, renewed before 360 tour announcement, so according to my profile I'm in the Breathe group. I have 2 pre-sale codes one from the original tour announcement and then another one I got when I renewed early for the bonus CD. Cheers Angela
  7. I know this has probably been answered but I am still confused. In my account info I have 2 presale codes available, does that mean I can by 4 tickets x 2. Say 4 tix for Sydney and then another 4 tix for one of the other shows? So I can use both codes for this Oz Tour? Thanks in advance.
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