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  1. CCE is bull crap. I'm buying tickets (hopefully) for a show six months from now in a different city. Things happen in life. If I can't attend the show I should be able to sell them. As far as 'caring' about their fans, Pearl Jam walks the walk. $20/ year. Affordable tickets. U2? It's all about the dollars, euros, and pesos. Achtung, baby.
  2. I'd certainly sell them individually if the two buyers can agree on a meeting/entry time.
  3. Hi it's "nlhouden" again 1. I think I can arrange for anytime on Saturday. PM me. 2. Needless to say these are priced at face value!
  4. I have two GA tickets available, fan club purchased so credit card entry rules apply. I can be flexible on when to enter as long as it's not early morning. PM me and let's figure it out!
  5. Thanks for the info. Any chance you could post a chart corresponding to various 'P' zones? Since I'm "Wires" I can't seem to get access to a chart.
  6. Thanks for the great information! I think one factor Saturday will be the weather: with the predicted thunderstorms there may be a number of people who want to be relocated to overhang seats. I'll confess that I'm thinking about it! We are in 214. My only other SF experience was GA at 360 so I'm not familiar with the venue.
  7. I think this must only be for RZ. The general (non-NFL) policy is:
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