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    Hamont (Belgium)
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    U2, truck driving
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    Rattle And hum, Joshua Tree
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    Mmmmm, Streets live?
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    Zoo TV in Gent Belgium
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    Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Glendale (Phoenix)
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    My 4 Joshua Tree 2017 gigs. Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Phoenix !!!
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    Larry !!!
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    The Cure, Simple Minds and The Stones.

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  1. Happy birthday Larry. Keep Adam, Edge and Bono in their first job.??

  2. lucvanhout

    30 Years Ago Today.....

    Rattle And Hum is still my favourite album. Studio and live songs, black and white, the atmosphere around this album and then the movie on a big screen in the cinema. I'm proud when I wear my Rattle And Hum t-shirts. It's so sad that 30 years ago some criticals broke down this album and U2. They are WRONG. This masterpiece is a " diamond on a crown of gold " and I hope that some day, I can buy a dvd with the Happy Newyear concert in Point Depot. Thanks to Larry, Adam, Edge, Bono and crew for making this album and movie. A belgian fan since the early 80'.
  3. I'm in Ziggi Dome for U2 gi tonight.

  4. What? Maybe a JT Tour 2017 DVD? This is the first time that I hear something about it, but I'm still hoping.....