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  1. Well it's kind of a rip off if all the other dates across the world you can buy a single ticket to a maximum of two shows, howeever just because I'm attending Amsterdam means I can only buy for one show.
  2. Will I able able to use my code elsewhere, like one for Paris for example?
  3. Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, But I am looking at using my presale codes for either Amsterdam 3 & 4 or Stockholm 3 & 4 (which ever works) In read in the FAQ: So I am I able to only use my for Amsterdam 3, but then not for Amsterdam 4? (because that is two transactions?) Or am I able to purchase a ticket for Amsterdam 3 and say any other show so long as its not Stockholm? This isn't very clear and I'm a little confused Cheers, Daniel
  4. I was able to enter my details, but once I hit submit it threw me out again. Still trying now....
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