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  1. Horrible! I've been in the Fan Club for ~10 years. I maintain my membership partly for presale opportunities. I have such a sour taste in my mouth. TicketMaster takes most of the blame, but I blame you for not confirming that TM can handle the volume. Took me 95 minutes, and I had to settle on GA admission. I wanted to purchase more expensive packages, but the website would not let me. Subsequent to my purchase, I hear that TM is working on the problem. Well f-ing great! Too late. I blew my measley 2-ticket GA load already. I guess we are just cattle.
  2. Horrible horrible HORRIBLE. TicketMaster sucks! Frustrating as hell. Took me over an hour and a half to get tickets. I was willing to purchase Fan Zone, but after 50 tries the shitty website wouldn't let me. I finally was able to get GA admission. Several times I would actually get the Buy button, but nothing would happen. Then a blank Internal Server Error screen. Trying to spend my HARD earned cash to see U2, and f-ing TicketMaster won't let me. F-ing Bullshit!
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