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  1. at 9am Ireland time I started refreshing all four dates. it was not until 09:15 that innocence group apeared first on 5th. the 5th sold out in about two minutes. I kept trying but all was left were 200€ tickets and I've said hell no that's too much. I've had uBlock and Ghostery addons enabled in the browser so I kind of faulted myself the first two tries for 9th and 10th failed verifying the credit card, and only at about 9:35 was finally able to buy for 6th by disabling all ad-blocking addons (had a few more, uMatrix and Canvas Defender). It did not work just by whitelisting the sites, had to disable all adblocking addons. I feel sorry for you who did not get a chance. The truth is buying cheap U2 tickets has become a lottery (but statistically you have more chances than to win a traditional lottery). be happy if you got some, but don't expect to catch them so you won't have to have a big dissapointment if you don't. I would very much like to know how many visitors we were on the ticketing site this morning (simultaneous and total)
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