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  1. Yup same here. Can U2 not take back control of the ticketing.? Will be so sad if I end up with nothing
  2. U2 need to intervene. I've been a member since the propoganda days and I'm not getting any tickets. Now my code won't even work. If U2 are checking out these forums please help us. Jonathan
  3. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-rep-denies-album-delays-20140310 Lots of speculation about this. Until Bono says otherwise, its on track. Billboard's reports are NOT confirmed.
  4. U2 ALBUM NOT DELAYED ACCORDING TO U2 REP http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-rep-denies-album-delays-20140310
  5. Contrary to all te reports that the new U2 album is finished, Bono's interview with Die Welt PROVES it's not complete. Some people have picked up on reports of them celebrating the completion on their studio's rooftop in NYC. More likely they were simply enjoying an evening beer. Anyway this is what Bono told the German newspaper as reported by U2.com- proving, it COULD be complete this year- COULD being the key word here. So not complete then! I am down in a big black hole with U2, as we are busy working on our next album. We don't know yet when it will come out. It could be finished within the next weeks, maybe at the end of the year. We are just lost in it, and we surely don't wanna wake up out of this until the dream is done.
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